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year-end reminders from MEI Secondary Library

There always seems to be a long list of year end deadlines and things to remember. Let us help you! Take a look at a few reminders and tips to make your year have a happy ending.

Do you still have out library books out? Just a reminder that your last chance to return them is June 14. After that date, you will be charged the replacement fee.

Want to check your account online? Here's how >> https://www.smore.com/cjh1q

It's almost Yearbook time!

Want to make sure you'll get your yearbook with everyone else and not be stuck inside waiting in a long line missing all the fun?

Check THE LIST posted in the library June 10-14 -- if your name is on there, no yearbook for you! You might be on the list for not returning team uniforms, missing DPAs, library fines, or a variety of other reasons. You have until 3pm Friday June 14 to get your name off THE LIST.

Library and Textbook fines can be paid via School Cash Online >> https://meischools.schoolcashonline.com/

*cash & cheques are no longer accepted at the library

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When was that English exam again?

Take a peek at the Final Assessment Schedule so you know when to return to school for your exams, as well as a few other reminders.

Looking for a space to spread out & study for exams?

MEI Secondary Library is open regular hours on June 20, 21 and 24. On June 25 it is open in the afternoon only.

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While you're at the library studying or returning textbooks, why not grab a stack of books to borrow over the summer break?!

Are you part way through a series and don’t want to be left hanging over the summer?
Are you planning a road trip and want to bring along a few books to keep you company?
Want to borrow an unlimited number of MEI Secondary Library books over the summer break?
You can start checking out your Summer Reading books Monday June 17! Stop by and talk to Ms. Penner for more info.

** TIP: grab the form first -- parents need to sign it before books can be borrowed.

***Parents, did you know that you can check out books also? You can!

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