Colorado's Finest Salon & Spa

May 2021

Hey Friends

We are in the final countdown of the traditional school year and we are preparing for our summer session.

Here is what we have been up too.


We just finished up our haircutting chapter, which we were able to maintain in-person learning..thank goodness. Now we are looking forward to our "skills bootcamp" to prepare for their transition to the performance floor. At this time, Englewood administration has approved for any fully vaccinated Englewood staff members to come in and receive services free of charge. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and make the appropriate changes as needed.


We have turned our focus to salon readiness and completing the requirements to excel our practical skills. Students will be preparing to participate in Mock State boards coming up in June. We will also be working on setting up their accounts for DORA and PSI, which will allow for them to apply for their state test and licensure.

The following fees will be associated with these applications:

  • Colorado Application fee (DORA) $28.00
  • Practical Exam (PSI) $69.00
  • Written Exam (PSI) $56.00

**Kit rental $ 81.00 Colorado Kit Company (optional)

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Esthetician's Last day

Such a bitter-sweet moment. The estheticians have completed the competencies to apply for their Esthetician's license.

All 8 Estheticians have passed the first step in licensure, their practical exam


We wish you the best of luck on your written exam and all your future endeavors. Thank you for a year of laughter, and for the challenge of being a better teacher and a better friend.

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Graduation Ceremony

We will be hosting a Certification Ceremony, through Englewood Public Schools as a seated event.

Due to recent CDC recommendations, we're able to change some of the setups for graduation this weekend. We're very excited to have the stage face the North stands. This change allows all guests to sit in the North stands, and make viewing your graduate and the entire ceremony easier for all.

Graduates are still limited to 6 guests each, but we're not sending out tickets. Instead, we will have a list containing all of the guests’ names that have been submitted to us by the graduate. As each guest arrives at the check-in gate, their names will be marked off. If their name isn't on the list, they will not be admitted to graduation. We are observing COVID-19 safety protocols.

Esthetician and Cosmetology Students with the last names beginning with A-G will park in the West lot (front of the high school) and Cosmetology students with the the last name beginning with H-Z will park in the north lot.

Here is a link to the live stream . The live stream can be accessed by going to the page and clicking on the icon (flyer shown above) that will be available soon, but not active until Saturday morning .

Here also is a link to the map for the graduation venue showing parking and entrance points. As always, if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is a link to the Graduation program.

Summer School

I know the weather does not seem like it but summer is right around the corner. We want to make sure that everyone is prepared for our summer session and the expectations.

We will have a late start of 10:00am on June 10th in hopes that the students will stay and participate in the Student BBQ, games and photobooth. BBQ will be from 4-7:30pm.

Hot Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to the students or they may leave the campus for lunch. There will also be a grab-and-go option.


June 1-June 24 Monday-Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm.

  • NAT 211 Advanced Nail Technology
  • 150 hours available

Graduating Seniors will be required to attend Summer Bridge through ACC in July (6 days total) Additional information is listed below.

COS II June 1-10

  • Mock state boards June 1-10
  • (Attendance is parative and late students will not be allowed in to participate in board prep).
  • State paperwork will be completed the day your student reaches 1500 hours
  • 70 hours available in June
  • Any missing time will be made up from June 14-24


  • Last day of class will be May 19th. Any missing time will be made up from May 20-25
  • There are no required summer days.
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Summer Bridge for all graduating seniors.

Summer Bridge has been moved to July. Here is what we know right now and we will continue to update you on any changes that occur.

For the upcoming Summer, here is what we will be offering:

  • Three week Summer Bridge experience
  • Two days per week
  • Approximately three hours on each day
  • Virtual session that will have specific meeting days and times, but will not be held on campus (students can attend from wherever they have stable internet and access to a computer)

The exact dates/days/times for the session will be:

  • Date Range: July 12 – July 28
    • Exact dates are: July 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, and 28
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday
  • Times: 1p – 5p (the exact times will fit within this window and will be finalized in another couple of weeks…the times will likely be less than four hours each day)
  • Modality: Virtual

We will look at what changes will be made to Salon and Spa summer schedule to adjust for the delay in schedule for summer be continued.

School Calendar

school calendar

Last day of traditional high school for cosmetology students will be on Wednesday May 26, 2021 and we will start summer school on Tuesday, June, 1, 2021 at 7:30am for all students

Esthetic students' last day of class will be Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Colorado's Finest Salon & Spa Academy
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Rolling Remote

As a the event that we need to go into rolling remote we want to make sure you have your working space and all tools and supplies to be successful, including devices and internet. If you need to borrow a device or resources for internet please contact Michelle immediately so we are prepared for whatever the day brings.

Here are the Zoom codes if you need to access them:


Cosmetology Year One Morning

Log in time 7:30am

Personal ID 3857355531

Password 709558

Cosmetology Year One Afternoon

Log in time 12:00pm

Personal ID 3857355531

Password 709558

Kimberly Kersen

Cosmetology Year One Morning

Log in Time 7:30am

Personal ID 8435301550

Password 024527

Cosmetology Year One Afternoon

Log in Time 12:00pm

Personal ID 8435301550

Password 024527

Monica Adams

Cosmetology Year Two Morning

Login 7:30am

Personal Id 2755945223

Password 3Vn4mD

Cosmetology Year One Afternoon

Login 12:00pm

Personal Id 2755945223

Password 3Vn4mD


Esthetics PM

Login 12:00pm

Personal ID 807 771 9834

Password 843066

Dress Code Reminder

Dress Code

Colorado’s Finest Cosmetology Academy has adopted a professional dress code. While in the program, all students are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times. When students enter the salon it is required that their hair, make-up, and personal appearance be at salon standards. They must arrive and leave in uniform. Students can expect to spend several hours on their feet per day; it is advised that they have a pair of practical shoes.

General Dress Code:

· All Students will be issued two (2) shirts with the CFCA logo and a school badge that must be worn daily while working in the classroom or on the performance floor. If you do not have your shirt or badge you will be asked to leave for the day or until you can comply with dress code. No hats, beanies or bandanas.

· Pants

o Black, white or khaki slacks or jeans of any color without rips, tares or distress marks, or jeggings are allowed. All pants must have a zipper, a button and pockets.

o No leggings

o No skirts, shorts or dresses

o Pants may not drag on the floor


o No hoodies are to be worn at any time when in the department.

o Jacket are not to be worn in the department while students are clocked in.

o You may wear a solid black, white or grey sweater, turtleneck or long sleeve underneath uniform shirt.

o If you purchase a zip up jacket with CFCA logo you may wear it over your uniform shirt.

· Professional shoes must be worn at all times in the department

o Tennis shoes that are solid black, white or grey must be clean and in good shape

o No moccasin shoes of any kind

o Soft soled shoes of any kind

o No Crocks

o Absolutely no flip-flops or sandals