Principal News and Notes

Week of April 29-May 3

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Wednesday: Boys (3rd and up) meet with Counselor 2pm

Thursday: Reading Extravaganza 6-7 (dinner provided for faculty/staff)

Friday: 3rd Grade FT

Saturday: PSIA State Competition (TCU) Julian Novelo

Class Packs for Next Year

I would like to launch the class packs for next year. I am asking that we consolidate the list to make it easier for our parents. We attempted to do this but it fell short because I wasn't clear on what I was asking you to do. I apologize for that. Let's start over and try having 3 lists only.

PK and Kinder (one list)

1st-3rd (one list)

4th-6th (one list)

It may be challenging but we can figure it out. I would like the list turned into my box by next Friday at the latest. If you would like to me sit in on your team discussion regarding this matter, please let me know.

Friendly Reminders

1) All employees have 2 (two) personal days and 5 (five) sick days annually. This is outlined in your professional handbook. This is a diocesan policy and must be adhered to by my office. Sick days may roll over but may not exceed 30 days. Roll over days may be used for "serious" illness only.

2) Faculty/Staff must contact me before 6:30am. if you are going to be absent If you are unable to reach me, call Mrs. Hilsenbeck. This too is outlined in your Professional Handbook.

3) Students need to be on task and engaged in learning until the last day of school. Easier said than done, I understand. But, if we allow students to "check out" we quickly encounter increased discipline problems and unnecessary student injuries.

4) Please do not release students until the 3:30 dismissal bell rings. I have noticed students under the patio area waiting for pickup before the dismissal bell. Keep them in the building until the 3:30 bell rings.

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What to do you think about an assembly or making posters for Julian Novelo since he has advanced to state for PSIA?

How many of you would participate in an "act" for the talent show? Maybe do a baby shark routine?

Give me your feeback, please!

Summer Camp

I have received a lot of positive feedback on our Summer Camp. This is a great opportunity for parents and students.

If you are hosting a camp make sure to reach out via Remind to let inform parents of deadlines etc.

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The Catholic School Teacher

I recently sat on a hiring committee for a principal for one of our Catholic schools here in our diocese, and some interesting conversation took place. I want to share with you some of the concerns from pastors and principals regarding our Catholic Schools and Catholic School teachers.
There is a general concern about our Catholic School teachers not attending Mass regularly. In our defense, not all teachers attend the parish they teach in so it unfair to ask them to change churches. However, being in attendance from time to time helps the school and puts a name to a face. We are asking our Pastors to talk about our schools at Mass, but when they do many times, there is not a faculty face in the congregation. We need to change this. Last year we did monthly School Masses, but the turnout of students was so low that is was embarrassing. We need to change this. I am open to suggestions on what we can do to make our presence known. Maybe we should go back to the school monthly Mass with an incentive? Could we have teachers prepare the Mass on a specified month? Please share your thoughts or ideas.

Another subject that was discussed was the pool of Catholic School Leadership candidates. In our Catholic schools, we have a vast amount of talent and dedicated teachers but very few moves on to the next step of Administration. Why?
I am happy to discuss with any teacher the requirements needed to be an administrator in our Catholic schools. We need you! In our leadership positions, we need Catholics that understand our mission and how Catholic schools operate. We interviewed four (4) candidates, and three of the four were from IDEA schools. They were all well versed in current best practices and pedagogy but fell very short on the Catholic identity component.
We need our own--nothing against the Charter or public school but they are of a different mindset.
At some point, every principal moves on and the best case scenario is to have teachers within your system that can move into the position and move the school forward. It is challenging for an outsider from a public/charter school to make that transition smoothly. It can be done--I've seen it done successfully, but more often than not it does not work out well.
I encourage you to take steps to move into leadership. Come see me!