Financial Tips

By: Madison Hoinkes

Different Types of Financial Tips

1. Keep your files organized, label and sort your information.

2.Make a budget and stick to it.

3. Buy used books you don't need new books for your classes you will only use them for that class and you will save money buy not buying a new book.

4. Leave your car at home, walk to class don't drive if you close enough to walk. This will help you save on gas money.

5. Watch your ATM fees don't over spend or spend carelessly

6. buy snacks from the store and bring them to lunch or class don't buy a $10 snack at a table for snacks.

7. Consider all the costs of living Of- Campus

8. Use Student Discounts to your advantage if you can save money by showing your student ID then use it.

9. Start saving now so you don't have to worry about money later.

10. Keep life in balance ( Family, Career, Health, and Friends )

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Take Charge

Define your financial goals. Make plans to reach your goals then take action unitl your goals become a reality.


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Personal Information

Protect your Identity

- Social Security Number

-Credit Card

-Bank Account information

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