Exploring georgia

join in on the fun as we go on a trip across georgia

Day 1

We will depart from Reidsville. We are traveling to St. Simons Island. We will look at the astonishing landmarks and will visit the beach. The island is actually one of Georgia's renowned Golden Isles. It will be a day of beauty!

Day 2

This next attraction opened in 1996 and is one of my favorites. That's right, we are going to Wild Adventures! From interesting animals to roller coasters to a water park, this place has it all!

Day 6

We will experience the beauty of the Chief Vann House. This is an astonishing historic house, and we will take the tour in and outside of this home!

Day 7

Caves, I know, boring right? Not when you are talking about this one! Cave Spring Cave is breath taking and will be an awesome end to this wonderful week!

Total Cost

~ 908.86

~ Includes gas, lodging, tickets, and money for food(you are responsible for your lunch).

~ This will be an unforgettable trip! So sign up, pack your things, and hop on the fun train because it's about to take off!