All Workshop Objectives (TO COPY)


Sight Words/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness "Letters, Sounds and Words.. I See!"

  • Parents will gain knowledge and practice in pre-reading skills that will enable them to help their children become successful readers.

Preparing For Back To School

Parents will be able to identify and understand a set of
principles that will enable them to help their child
learn at each stage of the way in order to ensure succe
ss in school and in life.

Parents will learn seven proven ways to motivate their child to do better in school

Parents will be able to utilize a checklist to do a s
elf-assessment of their involvement and support in
their child’s education.


Session Objective(s):
This workshop will provide answers to and reflection on the following questions:  What is self-esteem?  What are the signs of healthy and unhealthy self-esteem?
 How can parents promote healthy self-esteem?  What are the behavioral expectations of the city school system?  How do the expectations specifically relate to self-esteem?  Where can parents find professional help?