Are You Promised Tomorrow?

A Lecture By: Yusuf Soussi

The Clock Is Ticking...

Everyday we awaken thinking we are guaranteed that day. We disregard the fact that every breath is a blessing. We ignore the angels that rest on our shoulders, recording every word we utter. We plan for the future neglecting the present. So, ask yourself. Are you promised tomorrow?

Are You Promised Tomorrow?

Thursday, April 25th, 3-5:30pm

Heritage Academy of Science and Technology

A day of khayr! A day of knowledge! A day inspiring to change your future! Bring all of your friends and come and enjoy a beneficial event with Sheikh Yusuf Soussi. And the best part? It's FREE! (: Transportation is limited, but will be available.
3:00-3:30 Beautiful Quran Recitations & surprise prepared videos

3:35-4:30 Lecture by Yusuf Soussi

4:35-5:00 Q&A session about the lecture

5:00-5:15 Food!

5:15-5:25 Asr Prayer