semester one progress

by libby page business 1.13.16


For each semester, there are two quarters. Each quarter is graded separately, and report cards distributed. There are a total of two semesters in one school year. This year so far has been great. We have had good times, bad times, and most of all, productive times, although distractions are great. As we near the end of the quarter, and start the new year, we all set goals, keep our chins up, and do our best. I feel that I have achieved my goals, and continue to do so,setting higher each time. Motivation does not come easily to me, and therefore, I have to work all the harder to accomplish what is so important to our lives. Here, I will show you my grades from quarter one, some goals I have to do better, and where I am struggling and achieving.


For the new quarter, that is almost over, I can see that my math grade is still suffering. The rest of my classes are good, but I need to commit myself more. Studying would also be a good idea

Quarter Two

Quarter two is nearly over! But our hopes and dreams can still live on of getting good grades this quarter. Exams are next week and all the students are cramming to get not good but great grades. Because exams will take up most of our time, all our missing assignments have to be in. Some of my goals for the next quarter are to be more attentive, interact more, and study harder, and yes (stress out). I am lacking these qualities in business, geography, and science. These are just some of my goals for the new semester.

Here are my grades!: