Gladiators: Heroes or Victims?

By Katie Pokora and Lauren Prusacki

Becoming a Gladiator

The Roman gladiators were victims because the Romans would take them prisoner and force them to be gladiators just for the entertainment of the Roman citizens. Once a gladiator was taken prisoner, the Romans would take their horses and smash their chariots. The new gladiators would probably never see their families again.

Victims of The Arena

In the amphitheatre, gladiators would fight to the death. Even if you did win, you could just be executed for the audience's pleasure. That's why the gladiators were victims. Hundreds of people would die everyday in the arena, either from fighting or just from a public assault that the emperor wanted to occur.


On The Bright Side....

If you were a good fighter, everybody all over Rome would call you their hero and they would praise your talent in the arena. The good thing is, if you did a good job, the emperor might just set you free.