Civil Control

The game of war

Starting the game

1. Each territory has 5 troops to place at the beginning in separate states in its country, place the capital in any state in your country that you wish. Roll a dice to see who go's first whoever gets the higher number goes first.

2. Once everyone has done so, you get one troop until you feel like you have enough troops to attack. You can gain one extra troop by answering a question when it is your turn.

3. When attacking you must leave a least one troop back at home, you may attack with a max of 2 troops then roll however many dice as how many troops are attacking.

4. When being attacked you may defend with 3 troops then roll however many dice as troops defending and whoever has the highest number wins the battle.

5. If you lost take the troops that were defending/attacking off the board.

6. If you wish to control a territory you must attack until the space is empty/// one attack per turn

7. If you capture all of your country you get a territory bonus of one troop witch means you get two troops per turn which you can stack on to you armies in your controlled areas.

8. You have one base and if attacked you can defend with 2 troops.

9. When you base is being attacked you can surrender or delay the inevitable .

10. Each country has advantages and disadvantages, for example the confederacy has less people but the have more experienced leaders and more people who want to fight which gives you one extra troop per every other turn.

11. The union has more people but they have less experienced people and the don’t want to fight but you can draft more often..You can draft 3 troops every 6 turns.

12. You cant retreat when being attacked but you can run away before the attack comes.

13. I you roll the same score keep rolling until someone wins.