Family Consumer Science and Cafe V

Bella Trane and Jack Hamborg

Family Consumer Science

Courses available at Valley include Foods l, Foods ll, Culinary Arts, People Partner Foods, and Sewing, Interior Design, Child Development, Fashion, Design Studio, and Personal and Family Living.

About courses offered

  • Design Studio- Full year course that will advance field of learning in design, sewing, and fashion. (DMACC credit)
  • Fashion- One semester that provides experiences and information to encourage students to develop a sense of fashion. (DMACC credit)
  • Interior Design- One semester using practical application of principles and elements of design as they relate to decorating interior spaces.
  • Sewing l- One semester teaching students the basics of sewing.
  • Sewing ll- One semester that further advances sewing techniques. Prerequisite is Sewing l.
  • Culinary Arts- One semester class that provides students serious about a career in the food industry. (DMACC credit). Prerequisite is Foods ll.
  • Foods l- One semester that offers basic experience in preparation of food.
  • Foods ll- One semester that expands on basic food technique. Prerequisite of Foods l.
  • Child Development- (DMACC) One semester focusing on best practices for care and education of child birth through 2 years of age.
  • Personal and Family Living- One semester class that goes into decision making, communication, and relationship building.

Cafe V

Available at Valley High School is a student run restaurant called Cafe V. This is a part of the Culinary Arts program available. There are 17 students enrolled in the class that have completed Food l and ll. These students work to serve the community, parents, teachers, and staff. They are open every Friday and meals cost $8.