Oregon Trail

A Trail of Wisdom and Adventure!

How did pioneers travel on the trail back then?

They used wagons, and if you were a rich person, like a banker, then, you would get a sophisticated type of wagon, which often included much more space than an ordinary wagon. Wagons were run by oxen, and would sometimes be hard, because if the oxen wanted to drink water, or eat something, you would have to stop for some time.

How did they get food?

Imagine this. You are deserted in the middle of the hot desert, and you have nothing to eat, and your stomach is growling. What was the easiest way to eat? You would have to go hunting , fishing, or just search for wild berries! But did you know that some women carried a churner and some milk to make butter! But how? Normally, they would have to stop to churn the butter, which took a while. But what some "smart" women would do is to pour milk in the churner, and it would churn into butter while traveling along the bumpy trail!

What challenges did pioneers face?

Traveling West did not come without challenges and obstacles...Here are some things that could happen on the trail!

1- Buffalo or Oxen die

2- Family member passes away

3- Caught by bandit

4- Wagon is ripped into shreds!