Stopping Rhino Poachers

Jean Jacob Brigido


”Professor Tom Snitch thinks that using drones could be a very valuable tool in catching the poachers.”

“Criminal gangs are offering as much as $30,000 per pound for the horns.”

These quotes are important they show how they plan to stop the poachers and why the poachers are killing rhinos and why they sell their horns.

Vocabulary Words

Poachers- They are the ones killing the rhinos and the article talks about how they want to stop them.

Drones- They will use drones to capture poachers.

Rhinos- They are the ones being hunted by the poachers.

Endangered- The rhinos are endangered of extinction.

The Main Idea

The main idea of the article is how WWF and people like Tom Snitch are trying to stop the poachers using drones.


Animal poachers are killing rhinos for their horns because they are worth a lot of money. Tom Snitch and the WWF are trying to stop the poachers from killing the rhinos using drones. They are trying to stop them because the rhinos are close to extinction. These people hope to find the poachers by finding patterns and send the drones to right places at the right time.

Organization of the article

The organization of the article is problem and solution because it states a problem and shows how they plan to solve it.

Authors purpose

The authors purpose is to inform us about how the WWF and Tom Snitch are trying to stop the poachers.

Questions and answers

Q: How are they going to stop the poachers from killing the rhinos?

A: By using drones.

Q: Why are poachers killing rhinos?

A: For the money they get from selling rhino horns.

These questions are important because they show what is going on the story.