Stephen Foster


His Life

Stephen Foster was known as "the father of American music". He was born July 4th, 1826, Lawrenceville, PA and died January 13, 1864 in New York, NY. He was an American composer whose popular minstrel songs and sentimental ballads achieved for him an honored place of music in the US. He wrote his first song when he was only fourteen (published only after his death). He went to college but dropped out after a week. He hoped to make a living from songwriting, but it was impossible. He wrote songs but had to sell them to different publishing companies who made thousands of dollars off his songs, but he only got paid $100 from a music publishing company in Cincinnati publishing firm. In 1854 he completed a massive project called The Social Orchestra, an arrangement for flute, violin and piano and other instruments of some 73 different pieces combined with his own music including his own, and other musicians like Motzart. He thought he was gonna die rich from writing music, but instead he died at the age of 37 with only 38 cents in his pocket

Famous songwriter


  • "Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always"-1850
  • "All Day Long"-1864
  • "Anadolia"-1854
  • "Oh Suzanna"1848
  • He was America's professional songwriter
  • HE was also the first songwriter to be unfairly exploited by music publishers.

Stephen Fosters Signature

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