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country Basics

My Country is Luxembourg. The capital is Luxembourg city. The colors of the Luxembourg flag take their origin from the 13th century coat of arms of the grand Dukeof Luxembourg, Count Henry VI. This is the Luxembourg Flag :


Belgium, France and Germany all border Luxembourg. Some major Landforms in Luxembourg are The oesling Platue, The Ardennes Forest, And Gutland. Some major Landmarks are The Grand Ducal palace, Bock, Notredame Catherdral and the Bourshied Castle. Some major boddies of water are Alzette,saur, Our, Chiers ,Wills,Pettruse and the main river The Moselle. Here is a picture of the moselle :
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How Enviroment effects the Citizens LIves

Luxembourg has many trails and parks to preserve the beauty of there country that people can take walks in or let there children play, But because the country is so small they have to cut down many trees in order to build more roads.


Luxembourg has a constitutional monarchy. The Chief of state is Grand Duke Henry and the Head of Government is Prime Minister Xaivier Bettel. The leaders are chosen by local elections, National elections and European elections. People in Luxembourg Have the right to vote for there leaders. This is a picture of grand Duke Henry:
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Luxembourg was the riches country in the world in 2014. The GDP for purchasing power in Luxembourg is $53.67 billion. In my Country they use euros. The main inports in Luxemborg are- fuels, foodstuffs, ores and metals and different consumer goods. The main exports are- steel products, macheinery and equitment, foodstuffs, diamonds and different consumer goods. The life expectancy there is 81.39 years, The birthrate is 11,The literacy rate is 100%, and the drinking water source is groundwater.


In Luxembourg they wear modern-western styled clothes. They speak German, French and Luxembourg-ish. Some holidays in Luxembourg are Jan. 1st-New yet-ars day, May 25th-whit Monday, June 21st-June Solstice and June 23rd- National Day. The religions in Luxembourg are 76% Christian and 2.6% Non-Christian religions. A popular dish there is Pork with broad beans. This dish is slow cooked including vegetables. here is apicture of it:
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The regular climate in Luxembourg is usually warm weather around the 60s in june and july, its wet in November and freezing in January. The average yearly rainfall thetre is 863 mm per year. The average yearly temperature is- hottest- 64 degrees, and the coldest- 32 degrees (Fahrenheit). This causes lots of rainfall.


Some major historical events in Luxembourg are when there was an outbreak of WWI, Luxembourg was occupied by Germany in 1914 until 1918. This happened again in 1940 to 1944.

Comparing and contrastin Luxembourg and the US

2 similarities of the US and Luxembourg are-

-the voting age is the same

-The primary school starting age

2 Differences of The US and Luxembourg are-

-In Luxembourg they speak german, French and Luxembourg-ish and in The US they speak English

- The US is in north America and Luxembourg is in Europe


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