Ratios For Favorite Athlete

How many goals will they get next?

My favorite team is the Texas rangers!

The Texas Rangers are one of the most best and popular athletic teams in the USA. (In my world.) But I always wondered how good they really are. I want to be the first to predict the future by guessing the amount of goals they will make in there next game!

I Decided...

Ratios. I can create ratio's from the Texas rangers last few games, find a pattern and predict there next amount of goals!


Last game: lost. 3:9

Last last game: won 16:15

Last last last game: lost 1:12

Last last last last Game: lost 6:7

My prediction.

I think...

3/4 Uhhh Ohhh

I predict that the Texas Rangers will lose in there next game because more than half of the time the Rangers lost. The score I think there going to get is 10: 12 based on there past scores.