What is happening to the dolphins?

By: Delaney Zyniewicz

Export and Slaughtering of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan

In, Japan over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered every year and over 100 dolphins are killed each day. Over 900 dolphins are sent all over the world for shows and other horrible treatment (aka sea world). The Japanese government supports this and the people that do it. They guide the dolphins to their cove (slaughter house) using loud noise. Then they trap them so they cannot escape, then grabbing them by there tails using a sphere and taking them inside (Louie Psiphyos).


They are now call the killing of the dolphins a "tradition". The meat of the dolphins are sent to schools and the grocery store that are labeled whale meat. The dolphins that they gather are mainly Dall's Porpoises. Ric O' Barry had some of the blood tested from one of the dolphins. The Dall's porpoises have mercury in them which can form diseases therefore causing the meat to be poisonous(WDC). Know one that I have heard have died from the meat, but eventually the disease will spread.


Sea World

Sea World, a place that has been receiving dolphins and whales from Japan for years. They claim that they "rescue" the animals. Now, Ric O' Barry has been able to stop the export of dolphins to Sea World((Louie Psiphyos). They are not allowed to have or take any more animals than they already have. Eventually, they will run out of business because those animals will eventually die, then they won't be able to receive anymore. The movie Blackfish will also describe the captivity and transportation of animals at Sea World.

In conclusion...

Japan needs to stop the killing and capturing of dolphins, because it can and will show all around the world.


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