JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Week Ending Friday 4th July 2014

What a busy week Year 1 have had. They have:-

· written their own pages for their reports

· completed their First of the Month pages for June and July

· counted back to work out subtraction problems

· started to make papier-mâché fruit for a class fruit bowl

· used collage to make some healthy plates of food

· had a wonderful Sports Day

If you have any great photos of Year 1 from Sports Day please can you drop by a Year 1 class one morning with your memory card and we will download them to share on Gateway.

A few reminders:-

· please return PE kits to school for lessons next week

· the weather is very warm so please ensure that children have water bottles each day in the classroom and sunhats for outside

· library books need to be returned next week but no new library books will be issued

· Monday 7th is Diamond Day and the children are excited about showing you their work in the classrooms

· Friday 11th is World Cup Day in school

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Adkins, Ms Welch, Mrs Burley, Mrs Gatty Saunt and Mrs Lumley.