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November 2019

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Technically Speaking

Movie Licensing

With the holiday season upon us, the JISD librarians want to remind you to be copyright compliant when showing movies for enjoyment, whether it's after finals are complete or at an after school fundraising event. Showing a movie as a public performance requires a license, and JISD has purchased that license through Swank Movie Licensing. To check if our license covers the movie you wish to show, go to swank.com, click the search box, in the drop down menu, choose K-12 Streaming. Enter the title of the movie you wish to show. If the movie appears, including the correct version, you may show the movie. If it does not appear, it is not covered by our license and may not be shown. Even if you have shown a movie previously, be sure to check it again since licensing does change, especially Disney movies!

Additionally, the movie must be legally obtained to show. Using subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime goes against the user agreements, so only legally obtained DVDs may be shown.

*Swank.com is NOT a streaming service. You may only see if our Swank Movie License covers the movie you wish to show.

*The movie license is only necessary for showing movies for entertainment or as a reward. If you are showing a movie clip that is related to your curriculum, that falls under fair use.

If you have additional questions, please contact your librarian.

NASA Database

NASA is now offering their entire library to the public and copyright free. “They have made their entire collection of images, sounds, and video available and publicly searchable online. It’s 140,000 photos and other resources available for you to see, or even download and use it any way you like.” Click HERE to search their database.

*Although it is copyright free, it is appropriate to site the source in order to give credit to the creator.

Events & Activities @ Your JISD Libraries

JISD @ Nerdvana Con

Students from Judson High School, Veterans Memorial High School, and Kitty Hawk Middle School attended Nerdvana Con at Stevens High School on Saturday, November 9th. The event is sponsored in part by the Friends of Northside Libraries.

"Nerdvana Con is Northside's only event dedicated to encouraging awareness and appreciation of the artistic and literary depth of anime, manga, and graphic art, and educating students about possible careers in these fields." (www.nisdnerdvanacon.com)

We look forward to attending Northside's next big author event, Library Palooza, in February! Look for more news on that event in the January newsletter.

Read Woke Book Club @ KHMS

Colton was the first student to earn his FREE READ WOKE t-shirt at Kitty Hawk Middle School. He read 4 books and had an in depth conversation with Mrs. Colwell about one of the books. There are plenty of shirts to earn at KHMS! Keep reading!!

Skype Author Visit at RME

Mrs. Heine invited fourth grade to Skype with Kate Messner, the author of the Ranger in Time series. The students asked insightful and thought-provoking questions about the writing process and the research involved in writing the books.

Fairy Tale Bowl at Paschall

The Fairy Tale Bowl is a final activity in a literature study of 10 fairy tales. The event was sponsored by Mrs. Peterson, Librarian at Paschall Elementary and the 2nd grade teachers. Students read or heard all 10 fairy tales and then practiced identifying Fairy Tale elements for each story. It was a week’s long study that ended Friday, November 1st with the Fairy Tale Bowl. The Bowl was held in the cafeteria using all of the chrome books. Mr. Chapman’s fifth grade class was very helpful in logging into and setting up each computer. Students entered a Kahoot! game pin, their name and were set for three rounds of questions about the fairy tales. The winners were In 3rd place was Sarive Riziki, 2nd place Levi Terrazas, and 1st place Ella Campbell.

Bookworm Beanery @ VMHS

The Bookworm Beanery opened on Wednesday, November 6th, with Dr. Ball buying the first cup of coffee! The Beanery will help us reach our goal of a fine FREE library. We hope to encourage more check outs since the fines will be gone, and we hope to pick up new library patrons as new students visit the cafe. It's a win-win!

JHS Library Evolution Continues

When you think of the stereotypical library, you probably imagine a quiet room filled with books, stressed-out people, and a mean librarian demanding silence and order. However, librarian Mariya Ortiz has been working on a project to make the Judson Library something much more inviting and interactive than this typical view of libraries.

The vision for this project has been inspired by the idea of community among students.

“The libraries serving today’s communities are really less about being quiet book museums and more about creating places for social connection,” Ortiz said. “To me, it’s as if the world is more disconnected and lonely. I really wanted to have students and staff connect in new ways.”

The Library Bistro is something that Ortiz has had in mind since she interviewed for the librarian position. It has been in the works for about a year. This school year, assistant librarian Tracy Boyd joined the team and has been a big part of the project.

“Mrs. Boyd has helped to really bring an even more warm and welcoming aura to the space,” Ortiz said. “She’s fantastic at creating rapport with students and she’s eager to see even more students calling the JHS Library their home-away-from-home.”

Emily, Stein. “Mrs. Mariya Ortiz Looking to Revamp the Library.” The Fuel Online, 4 Nov. 2019.

Pre-K Author Visit @ RME

International Games Week @ VMHS

International Games Week is an "initiative run around the world to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational, and social value of all types of games." IGW was November 3rd-9th. Students at the VMHS Library checked out games to play in the cafe before school and during lunch. The students have been so excited to have the games available, the VMHS library staff will keep the games available for checkout in the library until further notice.

IGW is an initiative of The American Library Association.

Tuesday Night Writes @ JHS

The Judson HS Library staff promoted National Novel Writing Month in November by sponsoring Tuesday Night Writes community write-ins in the JHS Library from 4:30 P.M.to 7:30 P.M.Those who have always dreamed of writing a novel, had an opportunity each week to work on an idea they already had or to start the novel they had always wanted to begin. Pizza, snacks, and tons of encouragement were provided. Novel ideas were supplied by the students.

Author Visit @ Salinas

On Wednesday, November 13th, Salinas Elementary had their first author visit of the year- Rachel (R.L.) Toalson. She presented to 4th and 5th graders and had lunch with our book club (5th graders). We had a great time! She spoke on cultivating creativity and having the confidence to chase dreams!
Librarian, Mrs. Brittany Snyder Roohan, got the author through The Twig’s email sign-up.

Writing Contest at RME

Author Crystal Allen presented her "secrets" of how we can all be authors to all of the 4th and 5th graders at Rolling Meadows Elementary last month. She challenged the students to a writing contest in which over 100 students chose to participate. The name of the contest is based on a writing contest in one of her books. Fifteen winners were selected via blind reading by 4 readers. Our 4th and 5th grade teachers deserve a HUGE shout out for accommodating scheduling of this program, encouraging participation in the contest, serving as contest judges, Mrs. Wicker typed all of the papers for the students(!), and then finally, accommodating the luncheon schedule for the 16 winning students.

Mrs. Allen returned Friday, November 15th, with lunch and a personally addressed packet for each student containing their Strikewriters membership card and lots and lots of written feedback and encouragement to continue their stories. Before she gave them that though, she had each student stand individually, while she listed each students' "natural writing strengths."

Wildlife Trunks @ Copperfield

The Copperfield librarian, Nikki Polk, secured trunks from the Texas Wildlife Association. Students in grades K-5 got to observe artifacts of animals native to Texas using the "Exploring Adaptations" trunk. The "students can explore the major vertebrate groups while identifying various adaptations of select native Texas animals by examining their pelts, skulls, tracks, and more. Students will learn to use field guides, books, and bird calls as tools to further explore animal adaptations. Throughout the lessons, students are encouraged to research wildlife using not only the materials found in the trunk but through outdoor observation of wildlife as well."

Discovery Trunks

  • All Texas schools, homeschool co-ops, and organizations with the desire to educate the youth of Texas can reserve a Discovery Trunk.
  • Hands-on, natural resource materials and lessons
  • Available statewide
  • Science TEKS aligned for grades K-8
  • Available at no cost
  • 7 different trunk topics available

Reserve your wildlife trunk HERE.

Book Club at WHMS

Wildcat Book Club worked the Woodlake Hills MS Library booth at the campus Fall Festival! The candy, caramel, & special apples were a hit!
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Makerspace at CVE

Fourth grade students were highly engaged during MakerSpace stations in the library at CVE. MakerSpace is an opportunity for students to explore their own interests, learn to use tools and materials, and develop creative projects.

Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Paschall Elementary is celebrating Thanksgiving a little early with Turkey Races and a Cornucopia STEM activity.

First and second graders discussed force and motion as they attached balloons to turkeys, pushing the turkey along a string set up between 2 chairs. Fifth graders were challenged to build a cornucopia that would hold the most candy corn according to weight in ounces. After the candy corn was weighed, students discussed the design of each cornucopia and why it would or would not hold more candy corn than the others.

Magik Theater @ CVE

Magik Theatre’s Dr. Krashundbang stirred up some Science for Coronado Village Elementary's 3rd-5th graders. Students learned about circuits, air pressure, simple machines, and vortex. Selected students were able to participate in the various demonstrations.

Rubik's Cube Mosaic

The Veterans Memorial students and even some faculty members worked on the various mosaic challenges throughout October and November. The final mosaic was our Patriot shield, created by VMHS library clerk, Mrs. Janette Constantino. The shield has 425 cubes. We will be entering the Rubik's Cube Mosaic Contest in December, so please look out for opportunity to vote on the VMHS and JISD Librarians Facebook pages. The mosaic with the most "likes" will win a set of 50 Rubik's Cubes!

These cubes were borrowed from the Cube Lending Program. Schools may borrow them for free, but you do have to pay to return them. (www.youcandothecube.com/lending-library or www.youcandothecube.com/build-mosaics-with-rubiks-cube/borrow-a-set)

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