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Issue 1: Welcome

If you have got this far, there is no turning back! Of course there is, but if you really are intrigued to find out more about the latest teaching and learning strategies and thoughts, then look no further.

Each month a short, snappy e-bulletin will arrive in your mailbox from the Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) Team. In it you will find lots of useful ideas which can easily be adapted for your learners and maybe a few thought provoking questions.

What's happening in this month's issue?

PD Central Update

PD Central is an adaptable framework for the personal development of your learners. They can choose from up to 16 skills that can be embedded naturally through the study programme or delivered separately in PD Central sessions. Give learners autonomy of their development by asking them what they would like to focus on!

You can access lots of different PD Central resources here.

If you have any queries regarding PD Central, then please email


A number of you attended the 'Off To A Flying Start' Induction session during the July CPD days. Here are a few hints and tips that emerged from the discussions during those session:

1. Provide plenty of opportunities for learners to speak to one another. Try using props such as paper chains, plasticine, old newspapers, toilet roll and pretty much anything else that's to hand to create new and fun icebreaker ideas!

2. Think about what kind of information you'd like to get from your students during Induction. Perhaps they could write a 'Postcard to the Tutor' about anything they feel you need to know about any barriers to learning they may experience. This can then be used to start building your Group Profile and enables you to get a sense of any difficulties your students may have that you need to be aware of.

3. How can you give the students information about college matters (such as our plagiarism policy, assessment schedules, what college life is like, etc) in an engaging way? Just a few of the many ideas that staff came up with include; QR Code treasure hunts; inviting ex-students (or students from the year above) to give a presentation; or giving the students written information which they then have to summarise in poster/presentation form.

Have a happy Induction and do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional help! Email for extra information or support.


July's Development Days saw the first Central TeachMeets. Day 1 was held at Beeston Campus, with over 30 individuals in attendance and day 2 was at MMW with 20 individuals. That's 50 people taking several new ideas for PD Central, ILP's and Progression away with them. Why not sign up to the next TeachMeet?

Meet the Team

The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Team are made up of Verity Holman (Teaching, Learning and Assessment Manager), Philippa Howley, Janette Thompson and Dan Williams (Teaching and Learning Coaches). They come from an array of subject backgrounds including Sport, Travel and Tourism, English, and Hair and Beauty. Previously to becoming TLCs, Janette worked as a Learning Consultant and Dan worked as an Advanced Practitioner, both in large FE Colleges, whilst Philippa and Verity are ‘home grown’, having taught at Central College for a number of years before taking up their current roles. The team has much experience of supporting other staff in their professional development and of driving improvement in teaching and learning through helping teachers achieve their potential. All have a record of Outstanding classroom practice, excellent learner feedback and have enjoyed high success rates when working as teachers.

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What can the team offer?

Each Curriculum Area has a Lead Coach who can offer the following for your team:

- Develop a model classroom and support the development of effective learning environments within your area

- Help teaching staff to plan effective inductions

- Assist in the development of effective SOWs and clear assessment schedules

- Assist in developing ILPs and Course Handbooks that meet the College Standards

- Help teachers to plan PD Central activities

- Cast an eye over learning resources for SPaG errors

- Arrange a short TeachMeet type activity for a team meeting in September/October for your curriculum area or in combination with another

- Support the development of the Inspection TLA evidence folder

Teaching Tool - The Session Builder

Lesson planning can be an arduous activity, so make your life easier by using the FREE Session Builder resource. This tool follows SOLO taxonomy and is full of activities for you to use in your lessons. Once you have completed the form, you will be sent an email which includes a (lovely pink and purple) lesson plan!

WARNING: Please enter your email correctly and check junk email upon submitting the form.

After some tips to get your academic year off to a flying start?

Why not have a look at the brand new Teaching, Learning and Assessment blog? The blog will be updated monthly with tips for a different focus. We would really appreciate it if you could add your comments to the blog to share your own views too!