Scott Newsletter

October 15-October 26

Monthly Character Trait


RESPONSIBILITY: Taking care of one's self and others; to carry out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly

Week 1


Positive Attitude

Good humored, bright and pleasant. Realistic positive confidence of feeling toward one’s self.

Week 2


Being responsible for your decisions and actions; dependable.

Week 3


A sense of what is right, just and true; privilege.

Week 4

School Pride / Cleanliness

Care and satisfaction in your school’s environment, achievement and success.

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Collaborative Teams

Please make sure that you continue to have an agenda prior to CT meetings. If Kristin Corbin or myself have something to share with teams that requires a chunk of time, we will let you know prior to the meeting.

Examples of what CT should be scheduling on agendas:

  • discuss progress on data cycles
  • conduct studies on effective teaching practices
  • review data as a grade level
  • collaboratively score Common Formative Assessments (CFA)
  • conduct in school or out of school learning walks/reflection on learning walks
  • discuss RtI
  • plan for Learning Mentors and review student progress
  • discuss student behavior and learning plans
  • review curriculum

Examples of what not to schedule on a CT agenda:

  • update calendars
  • plan Field Trips
  • prepare for a classroom craft time

No Collaborative Teams on October 24

We will not meet for CT on 10/24 as many of you may need an extra moment to prepare for evening conferences.

Next STAT Meeting November 7

Our next STAT Meeting is Wednesday, November 7. If you are referring a student to STAT, you must have the form completed before this date. All updates on progress must be completed on the form and all assessments must be linked on the document prior to the meeting. All screenings must also be completed one week prior to the meeting or we will not meet on the student.

Please progress monitor all students below the 25% level the week of October 29.

Please refer to your grade level STAT manual for the referral forms, or on the district website that I reviewed with you at CT.

BSD Rundown

Please make sure that you are reading the BSD Rundown. There are several important new items and reminders listed each week. Melissa McConnell emails the Rundown and places it on the SIS homepage.

Here is a link to the current Rundown:

Important Dates to Remember

October 16-

  • Tornado/Fire Drill @ 2:35
  • Kids of Character Club @ 3:45
  • Ed Foundation Meeting @ 3:45-All Teachers Must Attend

October 18-

  • K Field Trip to Deanna Rose @ 9:00-2:00
  • 4th Grade Field Trip to Arrowhead @ 11:00-3:00
  • STUCO @ 3:45

October 19-

  • Perfect Attendance Recess: 3-4 @ 9:15, K-2 @ 9:40
  • Scott Spelling Bee in Library @ 11:00
  • Broadway Night @ 3:45-5:45

October 23-

  • Kids of Character Club @ 3:45

October 24-

  • Conferences @ 4:00-8:00

October 25-

  • No School
  • Conferences @ 8:00-7:00

October 26-

  • No School

Classroom Learning Walks

Please schedule Learning Walks once a month during a CT(PLC) time. You can also reach out to grade levels/staff at other elementary buildings in the district. Please send me an invite when your CT schedules learning walks. Please use the same Learning Walk Form that you completed during your walks last year. I believe the form will be updated soon.

Learning Walk Form

Kelly's Schedule For the Next Two Weeks

October 15 & 16-Strategic Planning at CO

October 17-CMSU Interviews

October 18-Admin Meeting 11-1