Scott Newsletter

April 9-April 20

Monthly Character Trait


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BSD Rundown

Please make sure that you are reading the BSD Rundown. There are several important new items and reminders listed each week. Melissa McConnell emails the Rundown and places it on the SIS homepage.

Here is a link to the current Rundown:

Spring Picture Day is Wednesday, April 11

Spring Picture Day is Wednesday. We will take our staff picture in the gym promptly at 8:00 am. Please wear jeans and your polka-dot Scott shirt, or a black shirt if you don't have the polka dot one.

The office will call for classes to take their group pictures Wednesday morning.

Ant Invasion Update

The exterminator treated the entire building on Sunday. They said it takes a few days for the bait to work. If you still notice problems by Wednesday, let Lennette know and we will have the exterminator return.

End of Year Checklist and Documents

I will be sending out the end of the year process and documents on Friday. This will include your "pink and blue forms" and your class list documents. Please read through the details and make sure you allot time in your PLC to discuss class lists for next year.

Personal Items in Classrooms

Just a reminder: Due to the fact that personal items such as coffee makers and small refrigerators are not technically allowed in classrooms, the district will not reimburse or replace these in the event that the item is destroyed or breaks.

Important Dates to Remember

April 11-

  • Staff Portrait @ 8:00 am in Gym
  • Student Spring Portraits during morning

April 13-

  • CPI @ 7:30
  • 4th Grade Puberty Films @ 9:00
  • Broadway Nights @ 3:45-5:15

April 16-

  • Healthe Kids' Rescreens @ 10:00-2:00 in Room 9

April 18-

  • Kindergarten Screenings @ 4:00-7:00

April 19-

  • Scott Student Government @ 3:45-4:45
  • Bingo for BOSCO Bots @ 5:30-8:30 at Memorial Station

April 20-

  • Fourth Grade Field Trip
  • Tree Board tree saplings delivered to 4th grade

Kelly's Schedule For the Next Two Weeks

Friday, April 13-Meeting at HC-8:00-10:30

Thursday, April 19-Admin Meeting-10:15-12:30