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May 29, 2018

LTHS- Technology Checkout Form

This is the form you will initial completely and give to Kim Hampton in exchange for her signature on your LTHS sign out sheet.

CTE Technology Checkout Form

This is the form you will initial completely and give to Sherry Myers or Kim Hampton in exchange for a signature on your CTE Sign out sheet.

Click Here for All Those End of Year Emails

This links to a folder with ALL the instructions I have sent out

Summer Work Tickets

If you have anything you need tech help with over the summer, please put in a Summer HelpDesk ticket! Neither Victoria nor I are working this summer, and Sherry's time will be dedicated to Mindbenders. You need to put summer tickets in a specific place- look for the flower!

If you put in a regular HelpDesk ticket, it will most likely sit there until specialists return near the end of July.

Remind! Getting Ready for Next Year

Just a few reminders about your FISD Remind.com account...

  • Next year’s classes will be rostered (auto-created then loaded with students and parents) around the start of school in August.
  • Groups, organizations, clubs, etc. will not be rostered. You will need to set these up yourself, which can be done at any time.
  • Feel free to clean-up or delete any current classes/groups at any time. They will not be removed from your account unless you do it.
  • Any FISD staff using text communications with students MUST use Remind.com for this communication.
  • Remind can be accessed through the website, iTunes app, and Google Play app.
  • Remind.com’s Help Center
  • Remind translates for you.
  • Use Office Hours to show students and parents the best times to reach you.
  • See to whom your message was successfully delivered.
  • When using the phone app, Remind allows you to call parents with a masked phone number. You can call long distance numbers this way.

Also check out Top 10 Ways to Use Remind and the Remind Overview for Teachers

Our Last Badge

Our last badge this year at LT was earned by Jamie Harmon!

Jamie Harmon (dance) earned a critical thinking badge for a project in which students studied different choreographers and then created dance routines that emulated the style of the choreographer without copying the moves exactly. They filmed their routines and then critiqued performances by students in other classes online.

Big picture

Badge Correction

I have to apologize to anyone who got wrong info from me. You can earn only ONE device from the badge program per teacher, not multiple as I originally thought. The intent originally was to allow teachers to earn multiple devices, but that was pulled back because of money.

But think how many devices we could add to our buildings if every teacher earned ONE device. You don't want a Chromebook? I know someone who does, I promise! We can definitely make use of them!