We can't hide our blue devil P.R.I.D.E.!


to be prepared for class means you need to have all your materials for it ,but what's the point in having your materials if you don't show up to class on time and on a daily basis.


By following their rules and directions you can be respectful to the adults and teacher. You should also have respect for school property by using technology appropriately and not stealing anything.


You can use this P.R.I.D.E. word by doing things like participating in classroom activities, turning assignments in on time, and other things everyone should be doing already. You should also inquire when unaware, meaning to ask the teacher if you aren't sure of something, because everybody has some sort of question every now and then. knowing your goals when you come to class is a very important thing to do because then you know what you should be working on in that class.if you do these things it will almost definitely improve.


To be diligent means to be present and on time, work hard both in class and at home, and pay attention in class. you should also always aware of your grades, which if you do the things that have already been listed your grades will improve.


you have to actively participate in class and be mentally present. If you see a classmate struggling with something you should offer to help.