Computer 7

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  • Garage Band- make music with you voice recording
  • pic collage- make a bunch of pictures and text fitures
  • i movie- make a video with voice recording
  • Book writer- same thing as a book but on an i-pad
  • hykooduc- place for information
  • chirp- move thing from 1 mobile device to another


  • Web 2.0
  • smore-able to make info
  • photo babble-pick picture then able to record
  • symballo- make links
  • wordle-words put together in a pic
  • BigHugeLabs-picture with text features
  • Prezi-you can make a picture and text


  1. Posters/formatting

  • spread sheets- charting info
  • Google docs- sties- you can make you own sites
  • -email- where you can get in touch with the teachers, homework if your sick
  • search Google effectively >35wpm
  • short cuts-shorten things
  • keynote-different type of pages
  • builds-build more thing on to it
  • transitions-move things from 1 part to another
  • color- what color you what the thing to be
  • automatically- does it for you

More things

  • Digital Citizenship- people that put good positive thing on the internet they don't put bad things on the internet
  • Foot prints
  • always follows you- that is when you have something on the internet that stays with you
  • Grandma's rule- if you grandma wouldn't want to see it then don't put it out on the internet

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