The Battle of Ypres

By Benjamin

What Equipment was Used?

Did you know chlorine gas was first used at the Battle of Ypres? Cannons, grenades, bombs, artillery, rifles, machine guns, and tanks were all used at the battle of Ypres. England, France, and Canada were all fighting Germany.

Tactics and Other Facts

German soldiers planted gas before the Second Battle of Ypres, so the Allied soldiers had no way of getting though the German defence. Allied forces encircled Ypres, so the German forces couldn't go behind their lines and attack. The reason the Battle of Ypres was so big was because if you controlled Ypres, you controlled the English channel. The Battle of Ypres was between 1915-1917. In the Second Battle of Ypres, the French couldn't hold their line and left a 6.4 km gap for the Canadian soldiers to cover. Even after all of these problems, the Allied forces won.