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  • Net Promoter Score ( NPS ) : 9.1 - 1st Natoinal
NPS is simple mechanism used for checking the quality of the delivery of all our programs. It is a tool launched by AIESEC International whereby participants fill a simple survey as shown in the image above. Based on the score given, they would be classified as Detractors (1-6), Passives (7-8) or Promoters (9-10).

  • Aiesec Suez is the Fastest Growing Expansion
Because in 2013 we were the fastest growing expansion to become a full LC in Egypt.

  • Sustainability Excellence
Aiesec Suez has a sustainability excellence award because we always achieve IGCDP program with 100% sustainability.

  • IGCDP Excellence
Aiesec in Suez has a IGCDP Excellence Award because we did a really good growth in IGCDP as number comparing to the same peak in the last year.

  • IGX Special Structure
Aiesec in Suez new structure for IGX Team split it up to individual Teams, Team for Matching only , Special team for Value delivery , Team for Rising ; That's why we deliver the best value quality and experience.

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