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Empowering our students to discover and pursue their dreams.

To empower all students, we need to abandon a one-size-fits-all approach and instead design educational experiences around the idea that coding can be individually meaningful and useful to every learner.

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About this Session

Computer science teacher challenges include isolation, lack of adequate CS background, and limited professional development resources (Yadav, 2016). Implementing equitable district-wide CSforALL brings even more considerable challenges and requires an approach which supports teachers and districts through ongoing PD, district instructional coaches, a focus on content and pedagogy, and collaboration between teachers and with district leadership. Sustainability is an additional challenge requiring a long-term district-wide solution.

Juab School District, with funding from the Utah STEM Action Center, has partnered with the nonprofit organization BootUp Professional Development to support the Juab Elementary Coding Initiative. We have rolled out a computing curriculum for 100% of our 5th - 6th graders and will add all 4th graders to the program next year. Krystle Bassett, Innovation Specialist at Juab School District will show tangible examples while highlighting and detailing challenges and successes.


About Krystle

Krystle Bassett is the Innovation Specialist at Juab School District and runs the Juab Elementary Coding Initiative. She was a participant in the 2017 CSforALL Script Symposium and is a Girls Who Code facilitator. She is currently involved in the planning and development of the 6th-grade Innovation Center in JuabSD that will open in Fall 2019. Contact her at krystle.bassett@juabsd.org.

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Empowering our students to discover and pursue their dreams.