Banking Supervision and Regulation

The place where you are most benefited from!

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Introduction of FED

We are a federal place where were we insure your financial problem and where we manager all for your money. We make everything in FED fair and equitable our customers services. We keep the money safe for you and we even help you to buy a new car and new house. When you deposit money to us we keep it in a safe. If you want to buy a new car because it is some special event, but you pay it in one time then you can get loan from us, we will be very happy to give it too. We are a place that want you to be happy and have a smile on your face every time.

Safe and Soundness

Safe and Soundness are the two major focus on banking supervision and regulation of financial institution and for our customers laws too. To see the safety and soundness for the bank, the examiners use CAMELS. C is for capital adequacy, A is for assets quality, M is for management, E is for earning, and L and E stands for liquidly and sensitively to market risk. By using this the examiners can see the health of the bank. The examiners also use what is called the 5-Cs to review the application of the loan. The 5-Cs are Capacity, Collateral, Condition, Capital, and Character. By using all these measures we can assure you the health and the safety.
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Our Community and Protection

We FED have a wonderful community and we are loving people. We have the best protection in the United States if you want loans we will assure you that you will be save with us. FED is the federal place that you be sure to keep your money and it a place where you can benefit yourself too.
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