Real Volume 1

Takehiko Inoue


This book is about 3 boys who all have a passion for basketball. This book takes place in Japan. The 3 boys are Tomomi Nomiya, Kiyoharu Togawa and Hisanobu Takahashi. This time period of this book is in the present, The three boys all share their passion becuase it is what helps them get through complications in their life. Hisanobu is trying to get his driver's license and win the fight against bone cancer in his leg. Tomomi his trying to raise money in order to visit his girlfriend in Nagano, prove that he's better than Hisanobu in basketball as well as dealing with being kicked out of school. Hisanobu tries to prove he's better than Tomomi in basketball and being injured in a car accident. How it happens is all because of basketball and how it helps them get through life. "We found somewhere to play, let's shoot some hoops some time."


I chose this book because out of all the books looked at this one stood out to me the most and the format of the book is different from other books that you would read. My overall opinion of the book is incredible because of the amount of detail the author put into the story and drawings. My favorite part of the book is when Hisanobu and Tomomi won 70,000 yen just by playing basketball games. I liked this book because of how the author was able to put three characters' lives into one story. I didn't like this book because of how it took of practice to pronounce the characters' names. I would rate this book 4/5 stars because how detailed the author was with this story and how it was simple to tell 3 peoples' lives and how they all have a passion for basketball. I would recommend this book to anyone middle and high school students as well as people who like suspenseful stories because you may not know what happen next in the story.


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