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Are you stumped ideas for incorporating technology into your classroom? Look no further. CLIQ101 provides a way for teachers (ed tech newbies to tech savvy mavens) to learn and share how to engage your students in their own learning using the latest, coolest tools!

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Get your socks knocked off by practical, actionable ideas for incorporating technology in your classroom. Complete with references to Common Core, Bloom's Taxonomy, Gardner's Learning Styles, ISTE-NETS Standards for Students, and ELL Strategies.


Stay abreast of the latest news and developments in the ed tech space. This area also includes book reviews as well to keep your reading list current.


Throw your hat in the ring and engage in the CLIQ101 online discussion forum. Topics include anything and everything about technology in the classroom. A great place for newbies to learn new things, ask for advice, build relationships. Experienced folks can quickly establish themselves as experts in this space.


Let your voice be heard! Contribute an article for our readership. If you have a great idea or want to share a success using tech in your classroom, this is a great way to reach teachers all over the country and beyond.


Become a member to have access to our growing digital library of teacher PD packages. Each package includes a detailed video tutorial, a participant's agenda, a facilitator's agenda, and handouts as a takeaway. Use these tutorials as your own informal one-on-one training, or formally turnkey it to your colleagues. The materials are ready to go, out of the box!

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Alex has a knack for making ed tech simple. Realizing that teachers often feel overwhelmed and pressed for time, Alex founded CLIQ101 as a space where digital learning could be made possible in easy-to-follow, time-saving ways. She is a New York City native and works for NYC’s Department of Education as an Instructional Technology Specialist.