May !!!!

Double Glam Happening NOW!

April Showers...Bring may Flowers....

You know the saying, right? April showers, bring May flowers! We can kind of use this in a sales perspective too...although April was one of our BEST TEAM months, we also planted a ton of seeds for MAY! The May seeds are already sprouting and I am thinking we are even going to top last months' sales, sponsoring and number of trunk shows!

There is a feeling of "happiness" in the air, right? I sat outside all weekend and just enjoyed the warm sweet sun ! I immediately felt happy, motivated and determined! No more DULL winter blues :) Time to awake and enjoy this time with friends and maybe even add a little SUMMER STYLE to their lives too! :)

Stay tuned for a BIG BIG CHALLENGE coming today! Missy and I are ready to help you BOOK, BOOK, BOOK for this spring and summer. I can tell you from experience, booking strong for May and June will carry you through the quieter summer and into a FAB FALL! You want to keep your momentum going, so why not start now! Last May I kicked up my business a notch and I had one of my best two sales months in July and August just from planting SEEDS and seeing them sprout all summer long.

Are you ready?? Join us in this special challenge...even if you have hibernated all winter (hehe)...crawl out and let's the sun hit your gorgeous face and sprout! :)



AMAZING APRL! Cheers to YOU! These ladies qualified and some earned their 30% commissions (sell $2308!) YAHOO!

Top Sales!

Bonnie Frain USA PA $6,748.28

Shannon Burgwald USA VA $6,312.58

Jeanine Nau USA PA $5,428.91

Lauren Harrington USA VA $5,088.38

Beth Crawford USA PA $4,040.50

Rachel Cogan USA PA $3,888.90

Beth Luton USA PA $2,909.00

Laura Dust USA NY $1,965.00

Alexis Washnock USA PA $1,682.70

Suzanne Dillinger USA NC $1,656.50

Jenna Jurgielewicz USA PA $1,575.50

Ann Marie Phillips USA PA $1,473.00

Julie Weller USA PA $1,456.75

Tara Gensler USA PR $1,205.60

Kristin Lawlor USA VA $1,105.10

Lindsey Stookey USA VA $1,082.50

Tina Moyers USA PA $1,073.50

Mary Adams USA NC $1,067.00

Daniela Glomb USA PA $1,047.20

Denise Marlow USA PA $917.69

Beth Quartel USA NJ $880.00

Kasey Loughlin USA PA $851.00

Kelly Greenawalt USA PA $832.50

Erika Powell USA SC $798.50

Leigh Anne Hunt USA VA $611.00

Kathryn Schaible USA FL $592.40


Rachel Hyman USA VA $511.00

We have a STAR!!!!

Go Team Bonnie Frain!

I am so excited and proud to announce our newest STAR STYLIST, Bonnie! Bonnie joined our team last January! Prior to joining, I met Bonnie at an event in the fall of 2011. We booked a show at the event, she fell in love, earned lots of jewels and then decided to give this "gig" a shot!

Bonnie started sponsoring this past summer and hit Senior Stylist in November! Her next business goal was star, but she also had a personal goal to pay for her family's summer vacation! How did she do it?? Well....Bonnie knew her goal and knew she had to kick up her business a notch. First thing she did was up her personal business. Instead of doing 2-3 shows a month, she decided to do 4-6 shows. By doing more shows, she met MORE people and more hostesses and just started talking to everyone about the opportunity! She starting building her team even more and starting collecting a fabulous commission! Doing MORE also gave Bonnie more confidence to TALK about BOOKING and SPONSORING! The more you talk to, the more NO's you will hear (that's GOOD!) and the closer to a YES you will get!!!

I am so thrilled for Bonnie as her VACATION is paid off and her family is now going to enjoy a week down in Ocean City, MD all on their mommy! Gives me chills :)

Congrats to you, my friend and your AMAZING TEAM that worked so hard together the whole month of APRIL! Kudos...Beth C, Beth Q, Denise, Tina and Kelli!!!!

Challenge for YOU!

I challenge you to.....

BEAT YOUR PERSONAL BEST! Yes..go for it! If you qualify each month, go for $600, if you hit your 30% commission, go for Stellar Seller!

These are YOUR goals! Everyone is in this business for different reasons. Do what makes you happy!

If you beat your best....message me and I'll send you something sweet! :) :)