Stop. Smash. Learn.

An AppSmash


to use multiple apps at once to create something of your own. No limits. No holds bar.

Georgia Curriculum Standards Addressed for Social Studies:

  • Engage students in speculation about the known and unknown motives and actions of historic figures.
  • Encourage the consideration of multiple perspectives on events.



Pick a person in history that has attributed to one, great thing in improving society. Using Safari, research and learn more about this person and their accomplishment. With this new knowledge, you will be making a stop motion video using the Stop Motion app. Along with the app, you will use the Camera and SoundCloud ones as well to create and narrate a “story,” a 1-minute to 1 ½ minute stop motion video that has some sort of narrative structure. This will allow you to have freedom, autonomy, and be creative!

Suggestions: You are allowed to use anything, but I would highly recommend using Legos. It is easy to create your own world with them and to move the people one picture at a time. Trust me, I have done this before. Also, be free to take an unique perspective on the person you choose.


  • On Time: /20
  • Creativity: /20
  • Video Length: /20
  • Research: /20
  • Explanation of Process: /20