Brian Edwards, Kaylee Barclay, and Gracie Dorr

Public Schools are wanting to enforce uniforms!

At the latest school board meeting an idea was brought up to start making students wear uniforms to school. They believe it will help solve the issues they are having with discipline and violence. However, we believe this system will create even more problems. The students will lack an outlet of self expression which will cause them to rebel against the teachers and the code. Students will have a much harder time finding out who they are if they are lacking a way to experiment what fits their style. This could lead to depression,bullying, etc that could be avoided if we vote no!

What you can do to stop it:

Broadcast your opinion!

The next school board meeting is scheduled two weeks from today. At the meeting they will be holding a poll in order to decide whether school uniforms should be enforced or not. All in attendance will have a chance to vote. Please help us to end this madness!