November 2019

Seasonally Global

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For some of us around the world, it is coming up summer, for others it is winter and for others the seasons do not change!

However, there are projects, collaborations, and great conferences taking place. No matter the weather or season it is a great time to reach out and connect with educators and beyond the classroom walls!

IIene Winokur, our Global Collaboration PLN President, was team captain for the proposal reviews for ISTE conference in 2020 and noticed there was some misunderstanding about what global collaboration is versus collaboration and communication.

What would your definition of Global Collaboration be? Please add your voice to this flipgrid: What is Global Collaboration and join in the conversation! The code is ISTEglobalPLN.

Thanks to Dr Michael Harvey for setting up the flipgrid.

If you are new to flipgrid, look for "enter code" in the top right corner. The code is ISTEglobalPLN. You will see there are 2 topics on this grid. Choose the topic What is Global Collaboration and share your defintion.

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About the 9th Annual Global Education Conference

The 9th annual Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. Our activities are designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all.

The event is free, onine and has sessions 24 hours a day, with presenters and attendees from across the world.

Webinar Spotlight - November

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ISTE Global PLN Webinar

Thurs. Nov. 14 at 9:30 am Nigeria/ 4:30 pm China/ 12:30 am PAC

Join Ella Gozie, founder of Flip Learn Kids in Nigeria, in a webinar aimed at showcasing tech and collaboration as key tools in promoting SDGs 4 & 5 as can be seen through their social impact program-Inspire A Child.

Inspire a Child is a platform used to help young girls /youths in low income and slum schools gain access to quality education irrespective of their geographical area. Technology as an enabler has helped in bridging the gap. Collaboration and involvement of educators and professionals around the world are two of the key success of Inspire A Child. Learn more about this program from the webinar.

Recording Link for October Webinar

Click on this link to listen to the recording of October's webinar Making the World Brighter through Global Collaboration with Tracey Winey and John Howe

Webinar: Global Goals, Local Solutions

Using Design to Address the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Join the webinar “Global Goals, Local Solutions: Using Design to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals” on Thursday, November 21 at 7:00pm ET. (organised by Digital Promise)

Participants will learn and share how students can use design thinking to address local issues of global importance. Participants will explore how they can help students learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, choose an issue students care about, and create a path for designing something that takes positive action on that issue in their community.


Collaboration Projects!

Part of @ISTEGlobalPLN 's work is to promote projects taking place around the world in classrooms, particularly where educators such as YOU can be involved!

Working on SDGs together with other schools, helping students connect!

Global Coding Project

With over 400 student participants last year, this popular project will continue for a third round from Jan 13th to Feb 24th 2020.

Find out more about this project shared by Robyn Vierra.

Hour of Code

December 9th to 15th is the Hour of Code week. One hour tutorials in 45 languages.

Find out more.

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Weaving Old with New

"Weaving Old with New" is a global project about the contributions made by brave newcomers to the USA.. Immigration is an experience that connects much of the world. In this project, students will explore the history of immigration in the U.S., gain empathy for the experiences of people who left their home country in order to settle here permanently and interact with a person who has immigrated. The signature assignment will be to create a digital quilt of the information they learned. This project is geared toward students in middle school but older elementary and high school participants would be wonderful. Diana Stanton is organising this project.


Hannah Weitzer shared information about global collaboration with NaTakallam, which gives K-12 classrooms the opportunity to connect virtually with refugees and displaced people from the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa for global exchange and/or language learning.

Click on this link for more details on signing up and scholarship information

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What's on your virtual plate?

"What's On Your Virtual Plate?" is a global student collective resource where all participants re-create, using Virtual Reality, the last meal they ate - to be shared with the world. A larger goal is using this education technology to create connections and collaborations globally without the barrier of physical distance.

This is a easy, free entry into education VR that connects students around the world!

Read the How to!

Learn more from a recent interview about the project with Clint Carlson

Interested people can also contact Clint at clintcarlson@gmail.com.

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Follow the Bouncing Ball - the Results!

Ginnan Franklin shared the finished product from their #Followthebouncingball 4th project which was created using google tour builder.
This was a great way to connect globally and learn how similar we are to other children around the world. The students loved the visual experience on google earth; it made it easy to discuss characteristics of the areas around each school that might affect what their playgrounds would look like.

Her plan is to continue planning projects where other areas of our schools can be explored to compare and learn more about each school's culture.
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Education Matters - focusing on SDG#4

A new project for your students to create positive change in the world! Check it out and register today with Education Matters. We are focusing on SDG Goal #4
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Days that are recognized internationally and by the United Nations, make great days to connect and collaborate beyond the classroom walls. Some coming up in the next month include:-

Nov 16 International Day for Tolerance

Nov 20 Universal Children's Day

Nov 29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Dec 1 World Aids Day

Dec 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Dec 10 Human Rights Day

Decc 18 World Arabic Day

3 Things for Global Learners

Consider contributing to 3 Things for Global Learners. This is an email list that shares interesting stories, resources and ideas with educators, leaders and learners of all kinds. Opportunities to be a globally connected learner are everywhere and three things is a good place to start.

Contribute by sending a note to DPG@ditigalpromise.org

Opportunities for Teaching Fellows

Apply for HP Teaching Fellows - you can self nominate or nominate an HP Fellow by clicking on the following link.

Our ISTEGlobalPLN Leadership Team

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