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November 2014 - Be in the Know!

Little Free Libraries popping up all over Seattle

This appropriate-to-Seattle umbrella library can be found in the Greenwood/Ballard neighborhood. It was made using bicycle tires and submitted to an architectural contest: LITTLE FREE LIBRARY DESIGN/BUILD COMPETITION promoted by Architects Without Borders. If you notice a "little free library" in your neighborhood send me a photo! I will create a photo expose for our last issue of the year - June 2015. Every submission wins a a prize. And, thanks in advance for playing.
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New Database: Ebsco History Reference Center

Designed for secondary schools, History Reference Center features full text for more than 1,990 reference books, encyclopedias, and non-fiction books. Remote access requires id and password:

  1. ID: ns162592
  2. Password: password
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Your library is flexible and stretchy

Did you know that your library can s t r e t c h to accommodate your information needs. If you can't find what you need in our library or databases, there are two ways I can complete instant purchases:

  • Buy a Kindle book (you need to borrow a library Kindle)
  • Add a book title to Ebrary our large e-book database

Each of these options takes about 10 minutes. Ask me! - Kathy Johnson (kjohnson@)

Seattle Academy Library

The logo to the left represents the app which will give you access to our library catalog on your iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

For a mobile-friendly database list go here:

If Sir Mix-a-lot were a Librarian...

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