Deadly paramecium caudatum loose


Paramecium caudatum

Crime committed

It eats microorganisms like bacteria, algae and yeast

Organisms m.o.(police jargon)

The Paramecium caudatum swims by heating the cilia


It's hideouts include yellow pond lily, common duckweed, pickerelweed, common cattail, hydrilla, long-leaf pondweed, greate and blodderwort.

Be on the lookout

They can move 12x their own body length every second. Paramecium caudatum feed on smaller bacteria like themselves and algae and yeasts. Paramecium s are being tested to see if they can learn and currently it is believed that they can be taught to differentiate different levels of brightness

Identifying marks(tattoos)

Cilia, contrative vacuole and food vacuole.
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