No Teacher Left Behind Act

Keeping Teachers Trained and Ensuring Student's Success

As a nation, the government has come up with a plan to create more learning opportunities for teachers in order to ensure that our students are learning to their fullest potential. We have shifted our focus from the "No Child Left Behind Act" to the "No Teacher Left Behind Act. Within this act, Teachers are required to take specific trainings that are provided by the government free of cost, they are expected to be observed a certain amount of hours by a government representative who specialize in their age group, and they are expected to go to conferences specific for the levels that they teach. They should attend these conferences three times a year. These conferences will provide resources for teachers, ideas/ strategies for teaching, materials and will keep them updated on the latest technologies.

All teachers across the country should use the same practices in the classroom. Teaching should be consistent across the board. Best practices should be used in the classroom. I have attached a link about information on how teachers could use best practices effectively. Teachers will learn about information like this through collaboration with other teachers and through the conferences and trainings that they attend and undergo.

There should be consistent standards for teachers to meet. At the end of the year teachers will be given a test on all the information that they've learned throughout the year in order to ensure that all teachers are consistent in giving quality care and teaching to students.

Lastly, I believe that teachers are becoming more prepared to master the ISTE Standards for Teachers in the classroom because colleges and universities are starting to prepare students/ teachers for the rapid change in pace of technology.