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By tylor keam


Summary- The Blind Side is about a NFL player who grows up in the hood. He is a homeless black teen. And a Wealthy white family takes him in and helps him. Through out the storie Michael(Black teen) learns the game of football and succeeds in school from the help of his Family, coaches, and tutor. When Micheal finished high school he went to collage and was drafted to the NFL.

About The Author

Michael Lewis born on October 15,1960. Is an American non-fiction author and financial journalist. He was born in New Orleans.

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The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

The Blind Side was a great story. I really liked it because it was a true story about a Professional football players life before he was pro. And you don't even have to like football to even enjoy the book. It never really gets boring there's always some type of conflict going on.