Thomas Malthus

Shawnee Arrington

Early Life

  • Born- February 13, 1766
  • Died- December 29, 1834
  • Field of Study- Demography, and Macroeconomics
  • Nationality- English
  • Family Life- Thomas Malthus was the youngest of seven children, he was homeschooled for the time of his primary education by his father Daniel Malthus. He was said to be raised by a faithful and dependable family.
  • Life in the time of his discoveries- cotton was .23 cents per yd, flour was .7 cents per lb, bread was .12 cents per loaf. King George lll was ruling England at the time.
  • Scientist alive at same time- John Dalton ( proposed that elements are composed of very small particles called atoms).

Facts about Thomas Malthus

  • He developed the theory of population growth.
  • He was elected to the Royal Society and a member of the Political Economy Club.
  • Co- Founder of the Statistical Society of London in 1834.
  • Wrote the paper " An Essay on the Principle of Population"
  • Influenced Charles Darwins theory of Evolution