Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Also known as (FAS)

What is FAS?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a disabilities that a child is born with when his or her mother wants to drink while pregnant. This effect the mind or physical of the child for his or her entire life.

What causes this?

When a mother drinks alcohol it passes down across the placenta down to the fetus. By doing this can effect the unborn baby development. Even if the mother takes a little drink of alcohol it is still mad and if she drinks more its just increasing the problem.

Can it be prevented?

Yes, if a women wants to get pregnant or is pregnant it is best if she stay away from alcohol or stuff that makes her want to drink it or ask your doctor for some advice.

Symptoms and Effects

  • small head circumference
  • developmental delay
  • behavioral problem , hyperactivity
  • poor language comprehension

How can it be detected?

If your doctor knows about your alcohol use he or she might give you an ultrasound to look for any signs of FAS. The things they would look for is heart defect and growth delays. The doctors will ask you when was the last time you was drink and did you know you was pregnant?

Is there any treatments?

There is no cure for fetal alcohol syndrome. The defects usually last for a lifetime. But they can reduce some of the effects.

Pictures of kids with FAS