People Who persevered Newsletter

To overcome a bad situation.

Description on Hasaan Hawthorne

On February 19, 2016 Hasaan went 36-0 undefeated he was born with no legs he had to get them amputated because he had no tibia's in his legs. Hasaan says he has to win he also says he wasn't made a name for himself on a national level yet.

Martin Luther King Jr.


The cause of Martin Luther King adversity is his skin color. He was arrested over 20 times. He revived threats by call. He was stabbed.he was in several violent attacks

Allen Iverson


Born on June 7,1975 Allen went to bethel high school in Hampton, Virginia. After high school Allen went to Georgetown University for 2 years. Allen was the 1st overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen was named rookie of the year in the 1996-97 season. Then on October 30,2013 Allen retired.



Jonas was overwhelmed at a young age. The giver gave him wisdom also he became a leader. Jonas used his power to help people.

Micheal jordan/gerda whismann

Lesson Learned from Perseverance

What I learned from perseverance is to always try to overcome hard situations and never give up on what you believe in and to never stop trying no matter what anyone says, thinks or cares. I learned from the wrestlers with no legs because them having no leg didn't stop them from doing what they wanted or what they loved.