The Election Of 1800

Adams VS. Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson! the best president yet to come!!!

VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thomas Jefferson wants whats best for you. not just the rich and merchants but for everyone including the modern day people and farmers. he doesn't want a very strong national government, but that benefits on your side. So that we the people have a lot more power, the power that we deserve. If John Adams (the federalist) was our leader the people would have less rights because he believes in a very strong national government, but is Thomas Jefferson (the democratic-republican) was our leader a lot of our country's decisions would be upon the people to make! You don't want our nation to be full of manufacturing businesses do you? Because john Adams is trying to do that and i gaurentie that his plan wont work out! That's why we have Thomas Jefferson with everyone owning there own farming and growing crops to feed their family our country will never fail. We wont have to depend on anything or anyone for anything! and do you really want to have a national bank? and depend on others that will eventually let you down! well Thomas Jefferson opposes to a national bank.with Thomas Jefferson running our country we will have France on our side, not great britan. they betrayed us and Thomas Jefferson WONT stand for it.
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