tundra biome

biome location and characteristics

Tundra can be found in Alaska,Canada, Antartica is also none as the frozen desert because it is very open and it almost never rains.General description includes very frozen and snowy very little trees grow and very little plants grow and if.There are plants they are found in the lower parts of mountains it is mostly ice.


Weather in the tundra is harsh and unforgiving it almost always snows.There are many ice storms and it is never warm average temperature is 30º fahrenheit.Wind storms can even get up to 180 mph.

abiotic factors

abiotic factors include snow, ice ,soil ,sun, light the season winter,if there is soil it is frozen due to ice.


biotic factors

plants,trees,reindeer,mooses,liverworts,and birds

ecological concerns or issues

Tundra has been healthy for many years until now.Humans have been dumping there governments pollution silos into tundra for a few years now and it is becoming a has started to melt the snow and ice and will continue until stopped.

plants in tundra

tundra plants include bearberrys,arctic moss,diamond leave willow,caribou moss
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