Regina Jr Sr High Newsletter

April 2019

From the Principal

Hopefully April will bring us well-deserved warmer weather. To say this winter has been challenging is an understatement. The flexibility and patience demonstrated by our students, parents, and teachers is greatly appreciated.

We have quite a few things going on in April. This includes the senior trip, junior high play, state math competition, K-12 art show, prom, and spring sports. Students in junior high math courses will be taking the Iowa Algebra Readiness Assessment. All 8th (4/8) and 10th (4/9) graders will be taking the ACT Aspire.

Holy Week is in mid-April as well. One of the highlights for me of each school year is the Stations of the Cross prayer service on Good Friday. Each year our 12th graders (under the direction of Mrs. Conlon) do an amazing job with this prayer service.

As I was looking for a prayer for this month I found the devotion of the Seven Last Words of Christ. Before you get confused like I was, the words are expressions. The devotion does not lend itself well to including here so here is a link to one of its forms. I did find the following quote from Pope Francis about Christ's Passion. Have an awesome April!

"To many, the Passion of Jesus Christ is a lesson in history where we sympathize with Christ for the sufferings he went through before he died. We find it hard to believe how the people can be so cruel as to inflict the most severe form of pain on a man who we know was innocent. For Christians the Passion should be more than a lesson in history. It should become a lesson in life, teaching us how to stand up for truth and justice." - Pope Francis

Religious Celebrations & Faith Activities

April 3: 7-12 Mass @ 2:15

April 10: 7-12 Mass @ 2:15

April 19: Stations of the Cross prayer service @ 12:15

April 24: Memorial Mass @ 9:30

May 1: Mary Crowning Mass @ 2:15

Mass and prayer services will be held in the Jr/Sr High Gym, unless noted.

Make-up Time

Mother Nature threw us one last (I hope) wrench for our plans. Our 2-hour delay on March 4 will be made up on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. We will add 1 hour to each day to make up the lost instructional time. That means we will dismiss at 3:10 on Holy Thursday and 1:00 on Good Friday. The prayer service on Good Friday has been moved back an hour to 12:15 as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Financial Aid Information

March is coming to an end and April is right around the corner. If you are applying for Financial Aid for the 2019-20 school year please keep April 15th on your calendar. That is the date the STO financial aid form and the 1040 tax form are due in the Regina business office. If you would like to email the application send to If you have questions or need help with the application please email or call Sandy at 337-2580.

This year there has been a change to the eligibility level, in the past it has been 300% of poverty level and this year it will be 400% of poverty level. This could help more families to be eligible for the 2019-20 school year. The eligibility levels are below:

Household Size - Eligibility Level

2 - $67,640

3 - $85,320

4 - $103,000

5 - $120,680

6 - $138,360

7 - $156,040

8 - $173,720

2019 -2020 Tuition Information

The pdf attached below includes important information in regards to Regina's 2019-2020 tuition.

Elementary State Mathematics Contest

Regina is proud to be hosting the first Elementary State Mathematics Contest in the Regina Cafeteria on Saturday, May 4th (Star Wars day!). Registration will start at 8 am, and the competition will start at 8:30 am. The competition should be done by 1 pm.

The contest is open to students in grades 3 through 6. Awards will go to the top finishers and schools in each grade in small school and large school divisions.

The registration fee for Regina students will be paid for by the school.

This is a great opportunity for students to participate in a positive atmosphere. The contest has 4 rounds. In some rounds, students compete individually, and in other rounds, they work cooperatively with other students from their school. It is ideal for students to have a group of 4 in order to maximize their Team round score (teams can have students from different grade levels).

Please email Beth Hill ( to register your student. She will also be setting up some practice sessions for students so that they can practice with past competition problems.

Girls Go CyberStart

Girls Go CyberStart is a free, forward-thinking cybersecurity skills program designed to educate and inspire high school girls to discover the opportunities and rewards offered by a career in cybersecurity. It is open to all female students in grades 9 through 12, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience with cybersecurity and information technology. Playing alone or on teams, participants solve challenges to gain points and advance through levels, earning prizes along the way.

This year in Iowa, at least 10 high school girls will each get $500 scholarships to help them pay for college.

For more information, visit and To see the types of challenges students will face in the games, please visit

Do you believe that sports build character?

An article in the March 18 edition of America magazine discusses the benefits of youth sports. I would argue that it limits the scope to sports and that involvement in activities (orchestra, band, choir, robotics, math club,...) builds character. I see it first hand in our students involved in those activities here at Regina. Getting back to the article...

The magazine conducted a poll via Facebook, Twitter, and email and received the following results:

  • Do you think that sports build character? 75% said yes
  • How do sports build character? 39% - teamwork, 33% - deal with failure

The article can be found at

1947 State High School Basketball Tournament Program

Doug Vincent found the program (attached below) and brought it into to the office. I found it very interesting, but I am a history nerd. The quotes about fan behavior and sportsmanship still ring loud today and is a big reason why we have a referee shortage.


From Admissions

Student Ambassadors are now accepting applications for the 2109-2020 school year. Any student entering grades 7th-12th in good academic standing please apply. Meetings are held the one Tuesday morning a month at 7:30 AM in the high school library. Service hours earned can be used for Confirmation or Silver Cord hours (or both!) . Student Ambassadors assist with New Student Orientation, Step Up Night, Kindergarten-Round Up and more. are due to the Jr./Sr. High Office by 3:00 PM on April 11th, 2019. Applications can be picked up in the Jr./ Sr. High office.

Help Needed!!!!

Regina is now enrolling new students for the 2019-2020 school year for preschool through 12th grade. Do you know a family that is interested in joining a safe faith-based learning environment that is focused on developing the student as a total person? Learning with a higher purpose takes place at Regina! Invite them to get in touch with Pam Schowalter, Regina's Admissions Director at (319) 499-9006

Orchestra Announcements

On Wednesday, April 3, the JH & HS orchestra students will be going to hear a lecture-recital from the Brentano String Quartet.

The High School Orchestra (Julia Correia, Grant Lenz, Gavin Gallardo, Harren Yeh, Mason Irving, Donovan Jones, Steven Icardi, Grant Rustan, Lily Santillan) received a Division 1 rating (best rating possible) at the State Solo & Ensemble on March 30. They all worked very hard and we should be proud of their accomplishment!

Speech Team

Anna Martin was selected as an Outstanding Performer at the State Individual Speech Contest in the area of Expository Address. This qualified her for an appearance at the All-State Festival on March 25. Congratulations Anna!

English Department News

8th Grade English and Language Arts

The 8th graders just wrapped up a unit on poetry and nonfiction and are just beginning the novel The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. We have discussed Tolkien’s background as a Catholic writer and the concept of a hero journey. It is fun to delve into Tolkien’s world of trolls, elves, hobbits, and wizards as we combat the end of a very dreary winter.

In grammar, the students are finishing a unit on pronouns and starting a unit on clauses and sentence types. We will work on perfecting our use of commas as we wrap up our biographies and start our research papers. Students will delve into MLA formatting, citations, and bibliographies as we begin work on research papers just before spring break.

Health & PE

Health students have finished the books they chose to read and working on the follow-up projects that go along with those. We will be finishing up the personal health unit and moving onto the drug unit in the next few weeks. Students will jump ahead next week to start working on researching and preparing a lesson in small groups over one of the drug categories suggested in class.

High school PE students are participating in Lacrosse and Bowling grades 11 and 12. Jr. High students are participating in Basketball.

Junior High Play

The Regina Theatre Department is proud to present this year's Junior High Play, Sherlock Holmes and the First Baker Street Irregular, in the Regina Elementary Gym on Friday, April 26th at 7 pm and Saturday, April 27th at 2 pm and 7 pm.

On a dare from her fellow street urchins, 14-year-old Wiggins tries to pickpocket a strange old man. Not only is Wiggins unsuccessful, but the old man, who is actually Sherlock Holmes in disguise, manages to take the gold ring that was in Wiggins’ pocket and leave behind a note directing her where to go to get it back.

Cast: Genevieve Burger, Noelle Burke, Eli Casteel, Cal Henk, Kaeden Houser, Zofia Larragoite, ND Nwaneri, Jillian Panther, Nicolas Pendland, Beth Poe, Joe Polyak, Tommy Rogers, Lars Scholze, Abby Schuessler, Thomas Shey, and Keira Sickels. Stage Managers: Maggie Huting and Grant Lenz. Crew: Amanda Conlon, Elijah Fiegel, Lauren Garmager, Steven Icardi, Anthony Kimani, Kira Louvar, Sarah Martin, Emily Nugent, Maddie Maley, Madeline Nugent, Sophia Sedlacek, Sophia Thomsen, Christelle Tungu, Harren Yeh, and Zeffa Yeh.

Library & Computer Apps News

March is ended and April is a big month for libraries of all kinds. The month of April is School Library Month and the week of April 7-13 is National Library Week. There are some activities planned, one which involves the 7th grade English classes as they use a new web tool to help me create posters highlighting different book genres. There will also be some contests throughout the month.

It never hurts to remind everyone that we have a Makerspace area in the library where students can engage in leisure activities or find supplies to help with classroom projects. We are always glad to get bits and pieces to add to the mix. Paper, posterboard, legos, sewing supplies, craft kits, markers, and odds and ends are always in demand. They don’t need to be new.

The 8th grade American History classes just finished a week-long research project about scandals in our historic past. The overlying theme was about “leaving a trail anyone can follow.” Even though the papers were short, the requirement that students use notecards and source cards fits into their Language Arts unit focused on writing a research paper which is in the beginning stages.

One of the American History units coming up before we know it is the Civil War unit where students construct a model railroad and present research bites using QR codes. This simulates what a National Historic site might plan for visitors. Last year our train engines and controllers showed signs of wear. If anyone is cleaning out unused model train components, we would be glad to have them. We have both HO and N-scale trains and tracks.

The Computer Applications class just finished a unit requiring that they use the Google Applied Digital Skills platform to complete an independent unit. This unit serves the dual purpose of helping them learn more about Google applications and tools while dipping their toes into the online learning arena. As students move into high school, many of them will be taking online courses, so this is a low-key introduction into that mode of learning. It also allows them to choose from about 20 different lessons to find one they are interested in.

On April Fool’s Day, we will be staring a coding unit using the online tool called Scratch, developed by MIT. Once they are somewhat familiar with simple coding, they will have a fun project to complete where they use coding to program our Rolling Spider Drones, Spheros and robotic arms. I am always delighted when the girls step right up, not afraid to be good at all those STEAM skills.

Math Club News

March 9th Math League Competition at Regina

Regina hosted a Math League Competition on Saturday, March 9th. Elementary and Middle School students competed in the morning, and High School students competed in the afternoon.

Regina's Junior High School team of Natalie Burer, Riordan Smith, Lillian Xia, and Connor Ye won first place. In 7th grade, Lillian Xia won first place, and Riordan Smith won second place. In 8th grade, Connor Ye won first place.

Lillian Xia to Participate in the (INTER)^2SECT Competition in California on April 6th

Lillian Xia qualified for the National Math League Middle School contest, (INTER)^2SECT, during Regina's March 9th competition. The (INTER)^2SECT competition will take place in Silicon Valley on April 6th. Lillian will compete against students from all across the country. Great job, Lillian!

Math Department Info.

Math 7 is starting a unit on Geometry. Lines, planes, and polygons are in our future.

In Prealgebra, we have started our Introduction to Geometry. This has included pairs of angle rules and similar shapes. The students have also learned how to identify congruent triangles using SSS, SAS, or ASA. We have also learned the angle measure totals for many polygons. Before spring break, we did Pi Day (3.14) activities. This included a circular scavenger hunt and making pi city-scapes. Some pictures are included. Our next unit will be area and volume. We will also have a few projects with these units that will involve toothpicks and marshmallows!

The powers are with Algebra 1. Students are finishing a chapter on exponents and continuing a learning options for solving two equations at the same time.

Geometry is finding the area of triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses, kites, and regular polygons. Areas of circles, arcs, and sectors of circles is next followed by geometric probability.

Algebra 2 will work on Trigonometry while the seniors are on the senior trip. Then, we'll cover logarithms and exponents. This is generally considered one of the chapters that requires the most time for homework.

Discrete Math is working on consumer mathematics; taxes, inflation, interest, loans, credit cards, annuities, and amortization

Pre-Calculus is solving systems of equations using substitution, elimination, graphing, and matrices. Up next is partial fractions and systems of inequalities in two variables.

AP Calculus AB/BC: We have 7 lessons left to cover in both classes, and then we'll resume our in-class quizzes and tests, as well as our AP test preparation. Students will be working out of a test prep book, as well as working on released exams and taking some actual exams in class. All of the test preparation will help students for the AP Exam in May.

AP Statistics: The students have 2 short chapters to finish before reviewing for the AP Exam in May.

High School Calculus: After the senior trip, we'll move on to applications of derivatives and integrals.

ALEKS classes: Students continue to work toward their end-of-year goals for their classes.

Online Courses

Regina has 18 students enrolled in 11 Online Classes.They are:

Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, U.S. Government, Accounting, Economics, English, World History to the Renaissance (Honors), German, Medical Terminology, Legal Environment of Business,

Religion & Via

VIA Classes:

In Mrs. Wallace, Ms. Osweiler, Mrs. Conlon, and Mrs. Sprengelmeyer's classes the students are continuing to work through Unit 7 (Adam & Eve, Original Sin) and Unit 8 (The Redeemer and Merciful Love). They also have been doing the Lenten activities and will be participating in Adoration this Friday in the Chapel.

Mrs. Boland and Mrs. Welter will intertwine Lenten activities into their classes until Easter. Next week, the students will begin Unit 20-Death-a meeting with Christ. Other topics will include: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory and the Communion of Saints. All Via's will cover the Diocesan requirement for safe interactions with others. This focuses on safety and privacy, especially on social media and the internet.

In Religion 11, the Juniors have been doing Lenten activities both in the chapel and classroom. We will continue this until Easter. The students have also learned about different vocations including laity, single, married, religious and ordained. We will continue with learning about the history and sacrament of Marriage. The students will conclude this unit with a project on the wedding traditions of other cultures. They will also compare these traditions to the Christian traditions of our faith.


In 7th grade Integrated Science, we are harvesting our F1 Brassica rapa seeds and will plant the F2 generation next week. We continue to monitor them to look for the phenotypes (characteristics) so we can determine the dominate and the recessive parent plants. Also, in Science 7, we are starting a new unit on how the Earth, Sun, and Moon interact together.

In Earth and Space Science, we are starting a new unit on Climate Change. As we move into this unit, the students have been tasked with creating a resilient design house for somewhere in the world where a natural disaster has taken place. The students are learning about the impact of wind dynamics, water dynamics, tornado activity, hurricanes, etc on the design of a home as they prepare to design their structures. This unit is focused on preparing our students for a future that will require all of us to think differently about how we interact with our environments as a result of global climate change.

Anatomy and Physiology students have been mapping the human brain and making connections about the different organ systems which are impacted by the nervous system. Students are in the process of understanding how neurons send signals through propagation.

Social Studies

7th grade Geography: Prior to spring break, Mrs. Belknap helped lead the 7th grade students in an activity in which they created temporary shelters for a family from an assigned political state of India. We were studying the impact of the monsoon season in India within our Southeast Asia unit. They first completed research on the weather, geographic features, and family demographics to determine the type and size of the shelter needed. They also applied their knowledge of the monsoons as they determine the type of foam boards to use to create their structures. After measuring a full-sized scale model of their structure, they then created a proportional smaller structure out of cardboard. We have now transitioned into a smaller unit on Australia for the next couple of weeks before we finish out the year on Africa.

8th Grade U.S. History: Working on a History themed Monopoly board where students pick a U.S. subject , then have to make "deed cards" that have 3 facts about their subject matter. They are also creating the game board. Students just finished the scandals project. Students took notes on a subject using note cards, then without knowing passed their note cards to a partner, then the partner had to write a paper from the persons notes, part III - the student passed their paper to a third person, who had to answer 3 questions about the subject in the paper.

World History: This past week and the next two weeks will be devoted to the Early Americas and the Early Explorers. We are finally moving out of Europe and seeing what North and South America hold for the rest of the world to discover. In groups, students are currently in the process of making their very own board game over these two topics. They are creating the board, the rules, and the questions to help them study and learn about the Americas and Explorers.

Government: We just finished up the unit on the legislative branch and will be moving into the executive branch for the next few weeks. I am glad to say most of them will be seeing the place where the legislative magic happens on the senior trip to D.C. We will explore the powers the executive has, how foreign policy is determined, and who are the cabinet members that help the president do his job.

AP World History: The class has just finished moving through Period 5 1750 to 1900. Our next Period will focus on the 1900s-present day. First stop is The Great War, second stop the Age of Anxiety, third stop WWII, and the rest will consist of the Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War. We should wrap up this period by end of April. Two weeks before the exam will be devoted to review, test taking skills, and what to expect on the AP test day.

Spanish News

Spanish I

We learned how talk about meals, foods, and beverages; describe feelings; and ask questions. We also learned how to use "gustar" (to like) with singular and plural nouns and how to conjugate -er and -ir verbs in the present tense. In addition, we learned about Puerto Rico-- including traditional Puerto Rican cooking and La Plaza de Colón.

Spanish II

Students presented skits to the class this past month and talked about different activities. They were encouraged to incorporate any vocabulary they have

studied using the present and preterit tenses. They also took the unit test. We are now working with reflexive verbs and talking about their daily routine in

the mornings and nights. Students are writing and drawing their routines on a poster board and will present to the class. Our main focus on this chapter is

conversation and pronunciation.

Spanish III

We are learning vocabulary relating to politics-- actions, people, places, and things. We are also learning how to make requests using questions and responses. In addition, we are learning how to form affirmative, negative, informal, formal commands; and how to speculate with the conditional tense.

Spanish IV

We learned vocabulary relating to literature, literary criticism, and film. We also learned how to use double object pronouns (indirect and direct object pronouns) and how to use nominalization.

Visual Arts

Regina's K-12 Art Show will, once again, take place in the Regina Multi-Purpose room.The show will be Thursday, April 25th, from 5-8 pm. Come and see all of the amazing art created by our students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Refreshments will be served as well.

TAG News

The following students have been chosen to attend a one week residential program, Belin Summer Institute, at the University of Iowa this summer. Congratulations to these students for being accepted into these great programs!

Obinna Nwaneri (Global and Cultural Studies)

Aniruth Venkedesh (Advanced Science)

Saffron McNamara (Visual Arts)

Joe Polyak (Social Sciences)

Riordan Smith (Math Problem Solving)