Law,Public Safety, and Security

Krystal Soto.


Many more opportunities will be open for this career later on in the future. You have to have a skilled and solid ability in math,science, and technical skills.You have to have a great physical abilities , and quick reactions. You have to be able to respond fast in any kind of situation. Most police officers work on the streets and keeping a look on people driving or on highways Yet others work in corrections or offices. Others also guide funerals , guarding buildings and guarding other people as well.

Education and Training, Skills Required

It is possible to do on the job training. You would also need either a 2 year college degree or a 4 year college degree.Also some skills that are required are flexibility,critical thinking, and punctually and time management.

Job Outlook, Salary, and Work Environment.

The job outlook for this career from 2010 to 2020 has the average growing rate of 13%. The average salary for this job is usually $50,780 per year.The work environment for a police officer there might be some risks because of the criminals that they have to deal with but there is also good places that aren't so dangerous.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities.

Daily tasks police officers have to do is mostly just reinforce the law and protect people from harm.
I Wanna Be a Police Officer