Team Ju-Bilation July Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Happy Birthday!

Tanika Wiliams 7/02

Angela Marshall 7/05

Happy Anniversary Ladies!

5 Years

Lori Armstrong/Stoneville, NC

4 Years

Cheryl Lester/Stoneville, NC

3 Years

Jamie Beaverson/Red Lion, Pa.

Sheena Griffin/Eden, NC

Stacey Frankenberry/Mount Savage, Md.

Tara Suchy/Montgomery, NY

Jessica Haley/Eden, NC

2 Years

Samantha Michaud/Oscoca, Mi.


Top In Sales

Allison Lemons $1315.00

Rachel DeCarvalho $1221.00

Melody Miller $1125.00

Teffoni Belcher $969.00

Lori Compton $893.00

Katie Dellar $649.00

Cameron Gardner $456.00

Stacey Frakenberry$445.00

Jessica Garten $332.00

Rebecca Szabo $309.00

Directors Team Sales

Tena Miller $12,934.00

April Garris $9505.00

Lori Armstrong $8961.00

Cheryl Lester $5336.00

Director Top in Personal Sales

April Garris $4281.00

Cheryl Lester $1792.00

Lori Armstrong $1683.00

Tena Miller $1536.00

Top Dream Builders


Tena Miller-2 recruits

Lori Armstrong-1 recruit

My Personal #'s

Team Sales $20,456.00

Team Parties- 39

Personal Sales-$1019.00

August Celebrate and Connect

Saturday, Aug. 16th, 10am

My Home 103 Bryan Street Stoneville, NC

Registration ends July 17th for our August Celebrate and Connect. You must register and attend your local meeting to receive an amenity.

Bundle Examples

TOP 5 Purse, Tote, Wallet combinations

1. Organizing Shoulder Bag – Natural w/ Daisy Craze

+ Free To Be Soft Wallet – Natural w/Daisy Craze

2. Retro Metro Weekender – Sunny Stripe

+ Cosmetic Bag Set – Sunny Stripe w/Daisy Craze

+ Icon Coin Purse – Happy Camper

3. Explorista Crossbody – Dark Teal

+Badge Buddy – Sunny Stripe

4. Inside Out Bag – Citrus Medallion

+ Uptown Jewelry Bag – Coral Mini Gingham (babysitter kit)

5. Retro Metro Fold Over – Navy Wave

+ Thermal Zipper Pouch – Navy Wave

+ Soft Eyeglass Case -- Navy Wave

Ready, Set, Sell Is Coming

Aug. 1-15

Check out TOT for details.

Shout Out TO All You Ladies That Will Be Attending Conference In Columbus

Lori Armstrong

Teffoni Belcher (Denver)

Vanessa Dalton

April Garris

Alicia Hairston

Torri Keene

Allison Lemons

Cheryl Lester

Melody Miller

Tena Miller (Denver)

Tanika Williams

Safe Travels to each one of you.

I will be staying at The Hilton Columbus Downtown

My Cell # 336-613-4085

Please call or text if you have any questions.