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Groundbreaking Leadership Summit for Women in STEM

March 19-20, 2018, Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta Georgia

Dear Colleagues,

It's my pleasure to extend you a personal invitation to our Global Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Leadership Summit. This is the only one of its kind 2-day summit held in the world that is dedicated to giving women in STEM access to powerful tools, strategies and connections to advance their careers and their lives. Three hundred entrepreneur, academic, and business women in technological and scientific fields from around the globe will participate.

Summit Partners: The University of Georgia, AT&T, and Baldor, in partnership with a number of corporations, women and professional organizations, and higher education institutions.

Summit Program: Over 30 plenary and break out speeches, panels, fireside chats, round table discussions, and mentoring and networking sessions with powerful takeaways such as:

  • Tools to navigate our increasingly fast, competitive and challenging business world
  • Innovative ideas and strategies to achieve breakthroughs
  • Action plans to accelerate personal and professional growth

Summit Speakers: We have called on influential movers and shakers and thought leaders from academia, industry, nonprofit, and entrepreneurship spheres, who are predominantly women, to share their rich and enriching stories and experiences and how they shattered the glass ceiling everywhere and in so many ways. Our speakers and facilitators have written books, led major fortune companies, won big awards, founded companies and nonprofit organizations, worked across the globe, and appeared and worked on major TV networks.

Summit Video: Watch the brief video below to learn more about the summit!

Looking forward to seeing you at the summit, and please feel free to contact me with any questions at, or at 706 542-1973.

Takoi K. Hamrita, Ph.D., Summit Chair

Professor and Inaugural Chair

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering, The University of Georgia


See what past attendees had to say!

"Thank you for putting on such an amazing and inspiration event! It is rare to be able to connect with other technical, professional women who are not afraid to be honest about their experiences.”

“I’m not sure who will read this email or when but I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped the summit come together. As a young female who is still trying to get her career rolling, I face a lot of insecurities in my abilities, and have little confidence in myself. This summit was amazing, it gave me inspiration, advice, and support. Unfortunately, I am finding myself still stuck in these preconceived notions of not being smart enough when I go to apply for my masters while working full time. I find myself simply wanting to go back to the summit and feel welcomed yet again. I cannot wait until the next summit"

“I began the summit exhausted and disillusioned; I left energized and encouraged! Thank you!”

"You had me from the very beginning when you opened with the word fear. That’s something that I deal with all the time and it was very enlightening and comforting to know so many others feel the same way.”

“The Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit was the first conference I attended and I would have to say it is going to be hard to top… Overall, it was the best two days I can ask for and would definitely attend next year. “

"Wanted to thank you again for hosting a wonderful event. It was the best business event that I have ever attended in my career!"