HOA Happenings

January 8, 2021

for K-12 families of Hillsboro Online

A Message from our Principal

Semester 2 is just around the corner! Below are a few key piece of information we want you all to be informed about:

  • · Please know that Hillsboro Online is the fully ONLINE SCHOOL for the District and will not be transitioning to any other form of learning for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interesting in transferring back to your neighborhood school, see the next bullet point!
  • · Transferring back to your Neighborhood School - If you want your student to go back to their neighborhood school for semester 2, now is the time to request that. Transfers will only be allowed at the semester 1/semester 2 switch. Scroll down for more information in this newsletter.
  • · Transferring to Hillsboro Online: If you know of families wanting to transfer into Hillsboro Online, this is also the time to do that.
  • · 2nd Semester Schedules – Middle & High School Students and Parents can find Semester 2 schedules on Parent View and Student View. High school students were in at least six classes semester 1, but are able to take a full eight classes semester 2. Concurrent enrollments with your neighborhood school are still extremely limited. Contact the HOA office or counselor for more information.

HIGH SCHOOL FAMILIES: If your student is doing well as an online learner and wants to add classes, contact High School Counselor Annette Snyder at snydera@hsd.k12.or.us

SCHEDULE CHANGES (MS/HS): If your student needs to make a schedule change, also contact Annette Snyder! We have added classes for semester 2 to accommodate the growth at Hillsboro Online. The following courses still have space available or a new addition. Courses will only be offered if there is sufficient enrollment in the course. They are also dependent on funding and staff availability….this year continues NOT to be a perfect year!

HS Courses with space:

Restaurant Management

Astronomy 1b

Theater, Cinema & Film Production


Forensic Science 2

National Security

Mythology & Folklore

Intro to Veterinary Science


Art in World Cultures

Cybersecurity 1a

Forestry & Natural Resources

Music Appreciation

Sports Medicine 1a

Workplace & Internship Readiness

MS Courses with space:

Digital Art & Design

Exploring Music


Exploring Health Science

Exploring Business

Human & Social Services - An Introduction

For a description of any of the courses above go to: https://edynamiclearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2020-eDynamic-Learning-Full-Catalog.pdf

Exclusion Day is around the corner

February 17 is School Exclusion Day, and we are reminding parents that children will not be able to attend school starting that day if their records on file show missing immunizations.

Under state law, all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified child care facilities must have up-to-date documentation on their immunizations or have an exemption.

Some families choose not to vaccinate for personal, religious, or philosophical reasons and they can claim a nonmedical exemption to some or all immunizations. To claim a nonmedical exemption for children in child care, preschool, K-12, or college, visit healthoregon.org/vaccineexemption.


Families wishing to return to their neighborhood school at the end of Semester 1 should start the process now to ensure everything is in place for a February 2nd start. An In-District Transfer is NOT required to return to your neighborhood school.

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Email HOA & the Transfer Department to withdraw your current transfer (example below)
  • Contact your neighborhood school to re-enroll

Email addresses:



Sample email:

This email is to officially notify the Hillsboro School District that I, (PARENT'S NAME), wish you withdraw the 2020-2021 in-district transfer to HOA for my child, (STUDENT'S NAME). We will be re-enrolling at (NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL) and have contacted/will be contacting them to complete the process.