Literary Legion Book Club

Join us after school in Ms. Kile's room!

Join the best book club in the school!

This club was founded at the request of students. The club consists of volunteer members who are interested in reading our book for the month.

Monthly meetings after school in Room 207!

We select a book to read as a group, obtain the book, read it, and meet back up for a discussion of the books later in the month.

Here are three of our members:

And now for a word from our sponsor:

Ms. Kile

"I was so thrilled to be asked to get involved with an academic club on campus, and I love that the Literary Legion is entirely student created and run. It's refreshing to meet with a group of individuals with a shared interest and desire to read a variety of books and participate in engaging conversation about them outside of the realm of the classroom. I look forward to finding out what we will read next and I truly hope that the club, which is primarily comprised of seniors, will continue next year too!"