The American Dream

By: Temesgen Solomon

Definition of the American dream

Every person living in the United States has the same opportunity to accomplish their goal as long as they follow the rules and work hard.

Three Characteristics




My American dream

I one day hope to attend a four year university and major in something that earns me a substantial amount of money that i personally enjoy. With this i want to buy a house and start a family of my own.

My American dream

My Americans dream shares the same characteristics as the original because with an education a person can get a well paid job which enables them to become wealthy. However when i say wealthy i am not only talking about money i am also talking about being wealthy spiritually by majoring in a topic that you love. Also since I would major in a field that i enjoy i would love the job that i am doing. Another way i could be happy is by putting a roof under my family and making sure that they have everything they need to be successful. last but not least with an education i would be independent because i do not have to rely on my parents to support me anymore. Another thing i have the ability to change my major for instance if i did not want to major in business anymore i could change into something dealing in the medical field.
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My American dream symbol

This is the symbol of my American dream because without an education or knowledge a person would not be able to pursue any dream whether it be American or anything else.